Bags or corn hole: What is the name of this popular lawn game?

It seems every tailgate and every hipster brewery has two planks with a hole in each board and bean bags being tossed around. While this lawn game is beloved by everyone, young and old, there is some debate as to what it is actually called. Some call it "bags." Others call it "corn hole." It's a debate that has divided America for ages. So, what do you call it?
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MyFitnessPal vs. LoseIt! Which weight loss app is the best?

Whether you go paleo, keto, vegan, or omnivorous, it's good to be aware of what you eat when getting fit. Both the MyFitnessPal and Lose It! apps count calories consumed and compare them to calories burned, factoring personal details and goals. Between the streamlined weight loss focus of Lose It! or the customizable vastness of MyFitnessPal, which works best? The Tylt may earn a fee on sales...
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Are sports fans too entitled?

Odell Beckham Jr. appeared on HBO's "The Shop" with LeBron James, saying he feels like a zoo animal when interacting with fans who expect him to dance or take a picture on command. Many athletes have echoed this complaint and feel people don't respect their time or space enough. Still, fame and getting paid millions of dollars comes at a price and they should expect a change in how people...
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Jake Paul vs. Chris Brown: Who would win in a fight?

YouTube star Jake Paul was feeling himself after beating Deji in the boxing ring, challenging R&B-pop star Chris Brown to a fight. Jake Paul dominated Deji and proved he could win in a brawl. However, Brown's dad was a corrections officer. He definitely learned how to defend himself. What do you think? 🥊
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Who's really worth $20 million per year: Odell Beckham Jr. or Antonio Brown?

The New York Giants made Odell Beckham Jr. the highest paid wide receiver in the league, paying him an average of $20 million per year in the first three years of his extension, starting in 2019. Some feel Beckham deserves to the be the highest paid receiver because he is the fastest player to 200 receptions and 3,000 yards in NFL history. Others think Antonio Brown deserves it more since he...
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Is Manu Ginobili a Hall of Famer?

After 16 years, San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili is calling it a career. The iconic Argentine baller has four NBA championships, an Olympic gold medal and a sixth man of the year award in his trophy case and some consider him a Hall of Famer for his production, competitive fire and help to grow the game. Others respect Ginobili's career but feel he is not Hall of Fame worthy. What do you...
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Who should win the NL Cy Young: Max Scherzer or Jacob deGrom?

The National League Cy Young race has some horses, but two pitchers have separated themselves as the favorites to win the coveted award. Max Scherzer is having another fine season for the Nationals and has the numbers to win the award for the third straight year. However, the Mets' Jacob deGrom has been getting plenty of sympathy for getting very little run support and still posting the best ERA...
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Is the French Open racist?

The French Open announced it was banning Serena Williams' skin-tight, catsuit from future competitions. In addition to being drug tested more than any other American woman, this is just the latest slight Williams has had to endure. Some feel Williams is being treated unfairly because of her skin color; other women have worn similar outfits with no problem. Still, the French Open can make any rule...
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Should the NBA shorten the shot clock after an offensive rebound?

The proposal to change the shot-clock rule is gaining steam in the NBA. The new rule would see the shot clock reset to 14 seconds, instead of 24 seconds, after an offensive rebound. Some welcome the rule change because it would result in more possessions and has already worked at the FIBA level. Others think the rule is unfair to players willing to rebound the ball on the offensive end. Those...
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8 or 24: Who was the better Kobe Bryant?

NBA legend Kobe Bryant turned 40 years old and fans are celebrating the life-long Laker's career. Both No. 8 or No. 24 are close to Lakers fans' hearts, with each number representing different eras of his Hall of Fame career. When Bryant wore No. 8, he won three championships and scored 81 points. Donning No. 24, the Black Mamba won two more championships and two NBA Finals MVPs. Which Kobe era...
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