Which team is the best fit for Jimmy Butler: Nets or Knicks?

Jimmy Butler has reportedly requested a trade out of Minnesota and two teams on his preferred list are just a borough away from each other. The Brooklyn Nets offer a team that has been rebuilding the last couple of years but have good, young pieces to complement Butler. The New York Knicks have the mystique of Madison Garden and the possibility of getting Kyrie Irving next year to pair up with...
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Who was the better pick for Sixers general manager: Elton Brand or Sam Hinkie?

The Philadelphia 76ers announced that former All-Star Elton Brand would be the next general manager of the team. While there are some who believe Brand will do a fine job, many were hoping former GM and "Trust the Process" originator Sam Hinkie would be offered the position. It would've been a great homecoming to manage the team he essentially built. What do you think? 🏀
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Which sport is more fun: College football or the NFL?

The NCAA and NFL seasons are in full swing and both sports are thrilling fans every week. But which one is better? College football offers tradition and an unparalleled stadium experience—and some fans think it's just more fun. However, the NFL offers the best athletes in the world at their physical peak. What do you think? 🏈
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Who deserves an NBA franchise more: Las Vegas or Seattle?

The NBA's popularity has never been higher and the league has been looking at other cities to expand. Two cities in many fans' minds stand out as ideal candidates for the next NBA franchise: Las Vegas and Seattle. Vegas has a great stadium in the T-Mobile Arena and locals are starving for more professional teams. Seattle lost an NBA team in heartbreaking fashion, but have a basketball-hungry fan...
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Is the NFL 'blackballing' Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL, alleging that the league is colluding against him. Kaepernick started protesting racial injustice during the national anthem and has been unsigned since becoming a free agent—despite posting better numbers than other quarterbacks on NFL rosters. In any other situation, he would be at least a backup. Still, his record wasn't that good when he was...
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Who's the best WNBA player: Breanna Stewart or Maya Moore?

The WNBA season is over and the Seattle Storm is the last team standing. Leading the way for the WNBA champions was Finals MVP Breanna Stewart, who averaged 25.7 points and six rebounds for the series and some feel like she established herself as the best player in the league after also winning this year's regular season MVP. Others feel like this is still Maya Moore's league and Stewart needs...
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Which umpires are the biggest snowflakes: Tennis or baseball?

Tennis umpires are allegedly threatening to boycott future matches with Serena Williams after they felt tennis organizations didn't do enough to protect Carlos Ramos, who was skewered by the public for assessing Williams a game penalty. Some think chair umpires' inability to take the frustration of a player makes them the softest referees in the game. Still, baseball's umpires are known to throw...
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Will the U.S. men's soccer team qualify for the next World Cup?

The United States Men's National Team was left out of the last World Cup, but they showed promise by defeating Mexico, 1-0 in an international friendly. It's four years until the next men's World Cup and some are confident the team will qualify. Others believe the U.S. soccer team will not recover from their latest failure unless some wholesale changes are made, and will be left out of the 2022...
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Should Jon Gruden go back to the booth?

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden reportedly got a $100 million contract to return to the NFL, but it looks like the returns will be slow to come. The Raiders lost their opening game to the Los Angeles Rams, 33-13. Some believe this early season game is a harbinger of things to come for the team and Gruden should just go back to the announcing booth. Others think Gruden can still bring the...
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Should tennis allow on-court coaching at all tournaments?

Serena Williams was penalized for receiving coaching at the U.S. Open and assessed a game penalty for verbal abuse arguing against it. Some feel tennis should allow in-match coaching in all of its tournaments because getting the best out each athlete is paramount. However, one of the draws of the sport is whatever happens on the court is a product of the competitor’s brilliance and fortitude...
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