Who's going to have the better NBA career: Luka Doncic or DeAndre Ayton?

Luka Doncic and DeAndre Ayton are considered two of the best players in the 2018 NBA Draft. Many experts believe Doncic, a European prospect, is the best player in the draft this year. His shooting touch and ability to handle the ball is already NBA-ready. However, Ayton provides an imposing presence on the inside with elite athleticism. Who is going to better? 🏀
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Best NHL story of 2018 so far: Caps win the Cup or Las Vegas' miraculous first season?

The sound of skates on the ice and bodies on the board have been silenced after the end of the Stanley Cup. But it's not too late to reminisce about the great stories that rose from the NHL season, like the Washington Capitals finally winning the Stanley Cup and the Vegas Golden Knights having the greatest season ever by an expansion team. What was the better story? 🏒
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Best sports upset of 2018 so far: UMBC or Mexico?

Underdogs are one of the best parts of sports. Who doesn't love to root for an overlooked, underappreciated individual or team to rise to the occasion and shock the world? There were a couple big upsets, but two long shots stand above the rest. First, there was UMBC, who became the first 16-seed to beat a No. 1 in the NCAA Tournament. But Mexico beating Germany in the World Cup was a historical...
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Best championship title win of 2018 so far: Capitals or Eagles?

A couple of downtrodden teams struck gold in 2018, winning championships for the first time in their respective histories. The Capitals took 43 years to win the Stanley Cup, and Alex Ovechkin finally got that monkey off his back after being perennially labeled one of the greatest players never to win a Cup. The Eagles won NFL Championships before, but never the Super Bowl until 2018—with the help...
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Most dominant athlete of 2018 so far: Cristiano Ronaldo or LeBron James?

Halfway through 2018, fans have been treated to dominant performances across pro sports. Still, there are two athletes who stand out from the rest with peerless and awe-inspiring play. Cristiano Ronaldo won another Champions League trophy and carried Portugal to an opening round tie against Spain in the World Cup. Still, LeBron James' Herculean effort to drag the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA...
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Who is the best soccer player in the world: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are already legends of the game, and they're still on top of the world. Messi is ranked by many as the top soccer player in the world for his ability to weave in and out of traffic. But Ronaldo might actually be better; his creativity around defenders and the goal in second to none. So who is better? ⚽
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Is Dwight Howard a toxic player?

NBA center Dwight Howard was traded to the Brooklyn Nets to set the team up for the 2020 free agency period. There were reports that his former team, the Charlotte Hornets, were sick of him and that kind of front office criticism has followed him throughout his career. Some feel Howard is a toxic player. Others feel he is not being treated fairly. What do you think? 🏀
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Should parents be banned from youth sports?

Parents from North Carolina at a 12-and-under USA Softball-sponsored game got into a brawl in Tennessee. The screams of girls could be heard in a viral video that was quickly circulated on social media. Parents tend to get worked up at their kids' games, but with tempers flaring and fights becoming the norm at these events, maybe parents shouldn't be allowed in if they can't control themselves....
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Are athletes of color targeted by the police?

A Milwaukee police officer present during the arrest of Sterling Brown joked about the altercation and said on social media he hoped J.R. Smith would double park in Milwaukee as well. Athletes and the police have clashed before, but this does not paint a picture of objectivity. Some feel that athletes, especially athletes of color, are frequent targets of law enforcement. Others feel officers are...
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Should U.S. Soccer switch to Europe-like sports clubs for kids?

Men's soccer in the United States has always lagged behind other sports in terms of popularity and dominance on a global scale. Fans of the sport would love to see the country more competitive at the world level, but some feel the America's system for developing talent doesn't work. There are fans who believe the United States should adopt European-style development, where talented children would...
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