Which sport is more fun: College football or the NFL?

The NCAA and NFL seasons are in full swing and both sports are thrilling fans every week. But which one is better? College football offers tradition and an unparalleled stadium experience—and some fans think it's just more fun. However, the NFL offers the best athletes in the world at their physical peak, with a more visually appealing product. What do you think? 🏈…

Are participation awards good for kids?

Youth sports and competition require a winner and a loser. The winner gets rewarded with a trophy marking their victory, while the loser sometimes get a trophy marking their participation. But are those participation trophies good for children? On one hand, participation trophies rewards and encourages kids to partake in physical activity. On the other hand, rewarding them for nothing gives kids a…

Are black quarterbacks treated fairly in the NFL?

Black quarterbacks have become more common in the NFL, and they add a new dimension of athleticism to the position. But are they treated well? Black quarterbacks are some of the league’s most electrifying players, and are highly respected. Still, some black quarterbacks get less leeway than their white counterparts, and are criticized more harshly at times. What do you think? 🏈…

Who will be the better NFL quarterback: Josh Rosen vs. Sam Darnold?

College stars Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are expected to be the first quarterbacks taken in the NFL draft if they decide to come out this year. While their positions in the draft are uncertain, it's likely they will be playing professionally on Sundays. Rosen has laser precision with his passes, while Darnold can make plays with his feet. Who will be the better pro? 🏈…

Should the NCAA expand the College Football Playoffs?

The College Football Playoffs have been a huge success, but many people feel the field needs to expand. Letting in more teams will not only reward other teams for successful seasons but also provide more games and more chances to make money for the NCAA. Still, expanding the playoff could cheapen the regular season, and make the playoffs feel less special. What do you think? 🏈…

Is ESPN too political?

Television's most popular sports network has gotten a lot of criticism regarding its content in an increasingly political climate. Many feel the topics ESPN covers now are too political, drawing attention away from the sports it is tasked to cover. Sports should not be partisan. Still, others feel politics and culture are a part of sports, and ESPN needs to cover all angles of athletics—even if it…

Should kids be allowed to play football?

With more data released about the link between CTE and tackle football, parents are faced with a choice on whether or not to let their children play football. Children's brains are developing, and putting them through head trauma so early in life could cause irreparable damage. However, sports teaches important life lessons, and the game is getting safer with better tackling techniques and equipme…

Is the 'one-and-done' rule good for college basketball?

College basketball is back! However, some athletes haven't been in the college spirit, leaving school after one year to the NBA. Many look at college as a one-year annoyance, and allowing prospects to enter the NBA directly from high school would benefit colleges who wouldn't have to deal with the headache of an unengaged player. Still, the rule gives players a chance to develop before playing in…

Are professional athletes overpaid?

Your average professional player earns between $1.54 and $5.3 million per year across all four major U.S. sports. Since professional sports leagues generate billions of dollars in revenue, players say they're just getting their fair share. But is it fair to pay people to play a game when your average teacher only makes $45,335 per year and your average physician makes just over $165,000? What do y…

Should the national anthem be banned from sporting events?

The California NAACP is calling for the end of the national anthem before sporting events. The tradition began in major league baseball during World War I and quickly spread to all other sports after World War II. But with so many athletes kneeling, some are asking what "The Star-Spangled Banner" has to do with football—or any sporting event. Others believe the anthem is an important patriotic rit…