Where should LeBron James play next: Los Angeles or Philadelphia?

With the NBA Finals behind him, LeBron James can hit free agency and two teams are considered the favorites to acquire the King's services. The Los Angeles Lakers offer him access to easy business opportunities and a group of talented young players to mold and grow. But the Philadelphia 76ers have a young, deep playoff-tested team ready to go, giving James a chance to win a championship right...
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Is Colin Kaepernick a hero?

Sources say Colin Kaepernick is prepreparing to subpoena President Donald Trump in his collusion case against the NFL. No team has signed the former quarterback since he kneeled during the national anthem. Many people feel Kaepernick is a hero for bringing attention to the racial issues people of color face in the United States. Others look at Kaepernick as a disrespectful malcontent who is...
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Would Muhammad Ali still be friends with Donald Trump today?

President Donald Trump said he was considering pardoning Muhammad Ali, despite it being unnecessary since his 1967 draft evasion conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971. Ali and Trump were friendly with one another. Ali presented Trump with multiple awards and Trump attended the boxing champion's charity events. But given Trump's ongoing feud with NFL athletes and his hardline...
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Best Stanley Cup moment: Ovechkin lifting the Cup or Oshie's emotional interview?

The Washington Capitals' long-awaited Stanley Cup win brought moments that will last a lifetime. Two of the biggest moments were longtime Capitals star Alex Ovechkin finally lifting the cup and T.J. Oshie's postgame interview about his father who suffers from Alzheimer's. Ovi lifting the Cup is one of the most cathartic moments in Caps history, finally putting decades of doubt about his...
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Are the New England Patriots a team of cheaters?

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substances policy. Many are saying Edelman's ban is just more confirmation that the Patriots just cheat their way to success. Still, many of the Patriots controversies have been blown out of proportion and the Pats are getting unfairly pegged as cheaters. What do you...
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Is Terrell Owens justified in skipping his Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

Terrell Owens announced in a statement he is not going to attend his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Owens said he was going to spend the day celebrating elsewhere. Some of his fans believe he should have the freedom to decide how he should spend his day. Others see the move as selfish and want to see him get honored like every other legend. What do you think? 🏈
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Who should be the Philadelphia 76ers' new GM: Sam Hinkie or David Griffin?

The Philadelphia 76ers and general manager Bryan Colangelo have reportedly agreed to part ways following a bizarre scandal involving burner accounts on Twitter criticizing the team. Now, the Sixers are in the market for a new general manager. Should the team bring back "Process" master Sam Hinkie or former LeBron James recruiter David Griffin? Who do you want? 🏀
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Who's the real MVP of the Golden State Warriors: Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry?

The Golden State Warriors have been the gold standard for NBA teams in recent years. A lot of that can be attributed to the play and leadership of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry—but who is the alpha dog? Some feel Durant has taken over the reigns of the Warriors with Curry fighting injuries. Others believe Curry retains his alpha status on the team by being one of the players who turned the...
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Does convicted sex offender Luke Heimlich deserve a shot at MLB?

Oregon State star pitcher Luke Heimlich was not picked in the MLB Draft, despite being ranked as the 44th best prospect in the draft. Many fans are speculating his dark past might have played a part. According to The Oregonian, the two-time Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year was convicted of molesting his six-year-old niece when he was just 15 years old. Heimlich is now saying he was given bad legal...
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Should Ryan Shazier just retire?

Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker Ryan Shazier announced today that he is taking his rehab one day at a time, and dreams of playing in the NFL again after suffering a spinal injury that left him nearly paralyzed. While his toughness is admirable, many want Shazier to walk away from the NFL and live life to the fullest without the league. Others want to see Shazier back on the field for an...
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