Should college athletes be paid?

The NCAA pulls in nearly a billion dollars in revenue each year, but the athletes who make it all happen aren't paid for all the work they put in. Critics say the NCAA is exploiting student talent to make huge amounts of money and it's time to pay student-athletes a fair wage. The NCAA says the vast majority of the money it generates goes back to the players in scholarships or some other form. Wha…

Is home-field advantage overrated?

Playoff teams fight at the end of the season to have home-field advantage so they have can a supportive crowd behind them. Teams usually win more games at home than they do on the road, so with a title on the line, it makes sense to fight for it. However, home-field doesn't guarantee a significant advantage, so it's up to the players anyway. What do you think? ⚾ 🏀 🏈 ⚽ 🏒…

Should full-time college athletes be part-time students?

In money sports like basketball and football, the demands on the field often take away from the classroom, causing frustration from athletes and administrators. If they were part-time students, college athletes wouldn’t have a big burden to bear academically, making it easier to focus on what they were brought in to do—play sports. Still, allowing this would cheapen the “student-athlete” experienc…

Should the NFL force players to stand for the national anthem?

President Donald Trump criticized Marshawn Lynch for standing for Mexico's National Anthem, but not the United States'. According to NFL public relations executive Joe Lockhart, the NFL owners are considering changing policy language to require players to stand during the anthem. Requiring players to stand would help with the league’s image, and bring fans back. However, forcing the players to go…

Is it wrong for the NBA to put ads on jerseys?

The NBA season is back, and fans are seeing something new on some jerseys—advertisements. To bring in more revenue, the NBA is selling small advertising space on the front of jerseys. The size of the ad is not gaudy, and if it brings in more money to compensate these great athletes, the NBA should continue to do it. Still, doing this looks like a greedy attempt to get more money and turns human be…

Should eSports competitors be considered athletes?

Competitive gaming has exploded recently, and professional gamers have become larger than life. Their popularity has made them targets for people outside eSports, mocking their athletic ability. Recent studies say the training necessary to become a professional gamer can be just as physically taxing as any other professional sport. Critics say video games do not require physical skill or strength,…

Is the NFL too soft?

With player safety threatened by an uptick in concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the NFL has banned certain types of tackles and instituted new injury protocols to make the game safer. But is it making players less tough? The NFL used to be a place where the toughest men played, where the hits were hard and injuries were shaken off. Still, there is life after football, and mak…

Should tennis allow on-court coaching at all tournaments?

When tennis players are on the court they are, for all intents and purposes, alone. In most sports, there is a coach guiding the player in some form or another in the middle of competition. Tennis should allow in-match coaching in all of its tournaments because getting the best out each athlete is paramount. However, one of the draws of the sport is whatever happens on the court is a product of th…

Greatest tennis player of all time: Serena Williams or Roger Federer?

Serena Williams is known as the greatest woman to ever play tennis, but is she the greatest tennis player of all time? With "Battle of the Sexes" out in theaters, we're pitting Williams against Roger Federer in a modern clash in the same vein. Serena has won 23 Grand Slam championships, including one where she was pregnant. However, Federer is known as the greatest men’s player of all time, with a…

Should athletes stay out of politics?

Professional athletes have become more vocal in this politically charged atmosphere, from wearing political t-shirts to silent protests on the sideline. Because they are looked at as role models, athletes have a responsibility to use their platform to positively influence fans. However, many fans go to sports to escape the world of politics, and the views athletes might express could be harmful. W…