Is Terrell Owens justified in skipping his Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

Terrell Owens announced in a statement he is not going to attend his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Owens said he was going to spend the day celebrating elsewhere. Some of his fans believe he should have the freedom to decide how he should spend his day. Others see the move as selfish and want to see him get honored like every other legend. What do you think? 🏈
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Who should be the Philadelphia 76ers' new GM: Sam Hinkie or David Griffin?

The Philadelphia 76ers and general manager Bryan Colangelo have reportedly agreed to part ways following a bizarre scandal involving burner accounts on Twitter criticizing the team. Now, the Sixers are in the market for a new general manager. Should the team bring back "Process" master Sam Hinkie or former LeBron James recruiter David Griffin? Who do you want? 🏀
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Who's the real MVP of the Golden State Warriors: Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry?

The Golden State Warriors have been the gold standard for NBA teams in recent years. A lot of that can be attributed to the play and leadership of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry—but who is the alpha dog? Some feel Durant has taken over the reigns of the Warriors with Curry fighting injuries. Others believe Curry retains his alpha status on the team by being one of the players who turned the...
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Does convicted sex offender Luke Heimlich deserve a shot at MLB?

Oregon State star pitcher Luke Heimlich was not picked in the MLB Draft, despite being ranked as the 44th best prospect in the draft. Many fans are speculating his dark past might have played a part. According to The Oregonian, the two-time Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year was convicted of molesting his six-year-old niece when he was just 15 years old. Heimlich is now saying he was given bad legal...
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Should Ryan Shazier just retire?

Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker Ryan Shazier announced today that he is taking his rehab one day at a time, and dreams of playing in the NFL again after suffering a spinal injury that left him nearly paralyzed. While his toughness is admirable, many want Shazier to walk away from the NFL and live life to the fullest without the league. Others want to see Shazier back on the field for an...
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Will women ever be paid the same as men in professional sports?

Forbes released their annual list of 100 highest-paid athletes. There were zero women included. Some feel women and men who play the same sport should be compensated the same. That's real equality. But men's sports, for the most part, bring in more revenue. In that scenario, critics say it's hard to justify paying women the same as male athletes who bring in more money. That might actually be...
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Should Shawn Michaels return to wrestling just one more time?

WWE star Shawn Michaels said he was open to returning for a one-off match. While Michaels has been retired for eight years, many fans would love to see their favorite wrestler come back and electrify the crowd. Still, Michaels wouldn't be the same performer he was prior to his retirement. He has nothing left to prove to anyone and he should stay retired. What do you think? 🤼
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Should Matt Patricia be fired over sexual assault allegations?

Detroit Lions' head coach Matt Patricia is in some hot water after a sexual assault allegation resurfaced. Detroit News reported Patricia was indicted, but not tried, in a 1996 sexual assault case, and some fans are calling for his head. Others think Patricia shouldn't have to answer for a crime he was never convicted of. Someone shouldn't lose their job over a dismissed case from over 20 years...
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Can Lou Lamoriello save the New York Islanders?

The New York Islanders fired general manager Garth Snow and head coach Doug Weight, bringing in Hockey Hall of Famer Lou Lamoriello to run the franchise. Lamoriello built the New Jersey Devils from a league joke to Stanley Cup winners and he can do the same for the Islanders. Still, New York finished near the bottom of the Metropolitan Division. They're going to need more than Lamoriello to...
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Are you excited for the return of the XFL?

Oliver Luck, an NCAA executive vice president, will reportedly be leaving the organization to become the commissioner and CEO of the XFL. WWE CEO Vince McMahon is bringing back the league in 2020. A lot of disenfranchised football fans believe the currently defunct league was highly entertaining and could provide a great alternative to the declining NFL. Still, the XFL failed after just one...
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