Should kids be allowed to play football?

With more data released about the link between CTE and tackle football, parents are faced with a choice on whether or not to let their children play football. Children's brains are developing, and putting them through head trauma so early in life could cause irreparable damage. However, sports teaches important life lessons, and the game is getting safer with better tackling techniques and equipme…

Which sport is more fun: College football or the NFL?

As the summer ends, helmets and pads clash under the unforgiving sun as football nears the brink of its annual return. Both NCAA and NFL players prepare for a season that promises to thrill and excite fans through February. But which one is better? College football offers tradition and an unparalleled stadium experience—and some fans think it's just more fun. However, the NFL offers the best athle…

Should MLS implement a promotion/relegation system?

Major League Soccer rejected a $4 billion television deal because it had a stipulation requiring the league to go to a promotion/relegation system, wherein the worst teams from MLS would be demoted to a lesser league, while the best teams from lesser leagues join MLS. The league may want to reconsider because $4 billion is a lot of coin for owners to turn down. However, soccer is not popular enoug…

Is the MLB season too long?

We are around 95 games into the MLB season, and it’s only more than halfway. The baseball season can be mentally draining to follow and is almost meaningless with so many games being played. However, the sport provides relief from the dog days of summer when there are no other sports in season, and having 162 games makes the sport more accessible (and keeps ticket prices down). What do you think? …

Is pro wrestling a fake sport?

The WWE is definitely entertaining to watch, but sports fans have long debated if pro wrestling is a "fake" sport. On one hand, fans argue wrestlers are extremely athletic and, like boxing, it's a fighting sport. You can't be out of shape and compete at a high level. But detractors say wrestling is choreographed, pre-determined for the winner. Some would even say it's completely fake. Is it time t…

Should college athletes be paid?

The NCAA pulls in nearly a billion dollars in revenue each year, but the athletes who make it all happen aren't paid for all the work they put in. The NCAA says the vast majority of the money it generates goes back to the players in scholarships or some other form. Critics say the NCAA is exploiting student talent to make huge amounts of money and it's time to pay student athletes a fair wage. Wha…

Are professional athletes overpaid?

Your average professional player earns between $1.54 and $5.3 million per year across all four major U.S. sports. Since professional sports leagues generate billions of dollars in revenue, players say they're just getting their fair share. But is it fair to pay people to play a game when your average teacher only makes $45,335 per year and your average physician makes just over $165,000? What do y…