Was the 'Philly Special' a legal play?

Former NFL referee and Fox analyst Mike Pereira added fuel to the "Philly Special" fire, deeming one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history illegal. Pereira says the Eagles didn't have enough players on the line of scrimmage, making it an illegal formation. Still, many believe Alshon Jeffery was close enough to line and even checked in with the sideline referee to make sure he was in the righ…

Who is America's Olympic Sweetheart: Chloe Kim or Adam Rippon?

One of the best parts of the Olympics are the characters who rise and capture the attention of the public, and two athletes have become America's sweethearts: gold medalist Chloe Kim and bronze medalist Adam Rippon. Kim's infectious energy and beaming smile have made her the darling of the Olympics. Rippon's openness and beautiful skating have endeared him to everyone from the LGBT community to ce…

Do the Golden State Warriors even need a coach?

In the doldrums of a long NBA season, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr handed the reins of the team to his players, letting them draw up plays and coach themselves. With a team as talented and intelligent as the Warriors, having a coach on the bench is redundant. Still, there are many nuances to head coaching Kerr has that the players don't have, like ego and time management. What do yo…

Are the Cleveland Cavaliers back?

Last week, the Cavaliers looked like a team on the brink of collapse. This week, the team looks rejuvenated with some fresh faces in the lineup. With LeBron James leading a younger, more athletic team, the Cavaliers look like they might be ready to make a deep run into the playoffs. Still, there's always an adjustment period playing with new players, and adding pieces won't necessarily result in p…

Does Johnny Manziel deserve a second chance?

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel appeared in a segment on Good Morning America, revealing his fight with bipolar disorder and his reignited desire to play in the NFL. Players have made bigger comebacks before, so Manziel making it back to the league is within reach. Still, the league has seen what he can do and the CFL route, which he may take, hasn't worked for a lot of players. What do you…

Is it wrong for the NBA to put ads on jerseys?

The NBA season is in full swing, and fans are seeing something new on some jerseys—advertisements. To bring in more revenue, the NBA is selling small advertising space on the front of jerseys. The size of the ad is not gaudy, and if it brings in more money to compensate these great athletes, the NBA should continue to do it. Still, doing this looks like a greedy attempt to get more money and turns…

Should politicians stay out of sports?

Vice President Mike Pence refused to stand up during a unified Korea's entrance at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. He also walked out in protest of NFL players kneeling at an Indianapolis Colts game during the national anthem. If players' respective leagues can’t properly regulate the sport, politicians have the right to step in. Still, Pence comes off as an attention seeker, and there are bigger co…

Is Markelle Fultz a bust?

The Philadelphia 76ers are unsure whether rookie guard Markelle Fultz will return this season. Fultz was taken by the team with the No. 1 overall pick, but is he already a bust? He was drafted to be an all-around monster with a versatile offensive game, but his shoulder injury may have permanently altered his shot. Then again, Fultz is only 19 and has plenty of time to recover. What do you think? …

Is curling a sport?

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway at Pyeongchang, and one of the most polarizing sports is back: curling. The stone-throwing sport has a lot of momentum in viewership, and it's not hard to see why with the amount of precision it takes to accurately shoot and strength needed to sweep. Still, many people look at it as a winter lawn game and not a sport. What do you think? ❄…

Is Jimmy Garoppolo worth $137.5 million?

The San Francisco 49ers made Jimmy Garoppolo their man, giving the starting quarterback a fat five-year, $137.5 million contract with $74 million in guaranteed money. Garoppolo established himself as a worthy talent with his 5-0 record as a starter and 67 percent completion percentage. Still, he only played six games for the team and giving him that much money guaranteed was a little overboard. Wh…