Should the NFL suspend Jameis Winston?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston allegedly groped a female Uber driver in 2016. Based on Ezekiel Elliott’s treatment from the NFL, Winston should be suspended for these allegations. Still, nothing has been proven, and Winston should be given a fair trial before any punishment should be handed down. What do you think? 🏈…

Who will win the featherweight title at UFC 218: Jose Aldo or Max Holloway?

Jose Aldo and Max Holloway have a date in the Octagon for the featherweight title at UFC 218. Jose Aldo will be fighting in his first match since losing to Holloway for the featherweight title at UFC 212. Current champion Max Holloway stopped Aldo in their last fight via TKO, and figures to do the same this time around. Who do you got? 👊…

Who was baseball's most valuable player in 2017: Jose Altuve or Giancarlo Stanton?

MLB announced Jose Altuve and Giancarlo Stanton were American League and National League MVP, respectively. But who was the MVP of the entire league? You get to choose! The diminutive Jose Altuve towered over the rest of the AL as the spark plug for the World Series Champion Houston Astros, while Stanton’s massive home runs with the Miami Marlins powered him across the finish line in a close NL ra…

Is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a hero?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is going to war with the NFL over the contract extension for league commissioner Roger Goodell, and the battle is being waged publicly. With the league out of touch, Jones’ stand against Goodell to save the NFL is admirable. Still, Jones had no problem with Goodell until his star running back was suspended by the league. He’s not being heroic. He’s just being petty…

Is Lonzo Ball a bust?

At the start of his first NBA season, Lonzo Ball has not looked like a star. Ball is shooting 30.3 percent from the field, looking lost on offense and defense. There is no way he can live up to the expectations everyone has of him, and some believe he won’t be able to recover. Still, it is very early in his career. There is plenty of time for him to get comfortable, and become a star. Is Ball alre…

Who was the best pitcher in all of baseball in 2017: Max Scherzer or Corey Kluber?

MLB has awarded Max Scherzer and Corey Kluber the National League and American League Cy Young awards, respectively. But who is the Cy Young winner for the entire league? You decide! Scherzer is just the 10th pitcher to win the award the last two seasons and won in dominating fashion. Kluber was two votes away from a unanimous victory and recovered from an injury to dominate the AL. Who is the rea…

Which NBA big man would you rather have: Kristaps Porzingis or Joel Embiid?

The NBA may have shifted to being a guard’s game, but that doesn’t mean the league doesn’t have supremely talented big men. Kristaps Porzingis is out of the shadow of Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony in New York, and dominating the league. Joel Embiid finally looks healthy, and is already rewarding the faith of 76ers fans who trusted the process. Who would you rather have? 🏀…

Is Jon Gruden ever going to coach again?

Any time there is a coaching vacancy in the NFL or at a big-time college program, ESPN broadcaster Jon Gruden always appears as a potential hire. It’s not surprising. He is an intelligent coach, who has the ability to communicate with everyone. There is an itch broadcasting can't scratch, and he's coming back. Still, his job at ESPN is pretty cushy, and there is no reason why he would walk away fr…

Who is MLB Manager of the Year: Paul Molitor vs. Torey Lovullo?

The votes are in, and Paul Molitor and Torey Lovullo are AL and NL managers of the year respectively. But who is the manager of the year for MLB? You get to decide! Molitor took the worst team in baseball in 2016 and turned them into a playoff squad. Lovullo flipped the Arizona Diamondbacks record for the biggest improvement in the National League from 2016 to 2017. Who is the real manager of the…

Does Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor deserve to be benched?

The Buffalo Bills decided to bench starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman. Taylor has been struggling to push the ball up the field in recent games, and the Bills need a shift at the position to jump-start the team. But Taylor has been a solid quarterback who rarely makes mistakes, and he can’t solve the teams’ defensive woes. What do you think? 🏈…