Are participation awards good for kids?

Youth sports and competition require a winner and a loser. The winner gets rewarded with a trophy marking their victory, while the loser sometimes gets a trophy marking their participation. But are those participation trophies good for children? On one hand, participation trophies reward and encourage kids to partake in physical activity. On the other hand, rewarding them for nothing gives kids a…

Should pole dancing be an Olympic sport?

Pole dancing: it's not just for strip clubs anymore. Pole sports is now an officially recognized sport according to the Global Association of International Sports Federation, and the International Pole Sports Federation has set their sights on being included in the Olympics. But because of pole dancing's strip club origins, many people think it's sleazy and a joke. Is it time for the sports world…

Is Shohei Ohtani going to live up to the hype?

The Japanese Babe Ruth is finally coming to MLB, and he will be wearing a Halo. Shohei Ohtani signed with the Los Angeles Angels, and his first bullpen session has some people excited about his career. Many think Ohtani will be the next superstar in the league with his hard pitches and a fast bat. Still, MLB is littered with the careers of Japanese players who couldn’t cut it in the Majors. What d…

Who will be the better NFL quarterback: Josh Rosen vs. Sam Darnold?

College stars Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are expected to be the first quarterbacks taken in the NFL draft if they decide to come out this year. While their positions in the draft are uncertain, it is likely they will be playing professionally on Sundays. Rosen has laser precision with his passes, while Darnold can make plays with his feet. Who will be the better pro? 🏈…

Would you rather finish fourth or dead last at the Olympics?

Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Jacobellis felt stings of failure at their respective events, finishing just one place off the podium. Finishing fourth is a special kind of hurt, but is it worse than a last-place finish? Finishing fourth means you were at least contending for a medal. However, finishing last means you didn't have to torture yourself over every detail that made you miss the podium, ma…

Will Larry Fitzgerald become the second greatest receiver in NFL history?

Superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is returning for his 15th season in 2018. The Arizona Cardinals only needs 390 yards and 93 catches to move into second all-time in both categories, respectively. The former Pittsburgh Panther great has gotten the job done with subpar quarterbacks, and there is no reason to think he won't move up the all-time list this year. Still, Fitzgerald is 35 years ol…

Should kids be allowed to play football?

With more data released about the link between CTE and tackle football, parents are faced with a choice on whether or not to let their children play football. Children's brains are developing, and putting them through head trauma so early in life could cause irreparable damage. However, sports teaches important life lessons, and the game is getting safer with better tackling techniques and equipme…

Should legal concealed carry weapons be allowed at sporting events?

After the horrific events at Parkland, Florida, many are calling for guns to allowed on school campuses to protect children. Should sporting events be included? Having more responsible gun owners at sporting events can only make games more secure. But having more guns means more deadly weapons in the hands of people who may be consuming alcohol. What do you think? 🏟 🔫…

Is posing nude for Sports Illustrated empowering or exploitative?

Golfer Paige Spiranac and gymnast Aly Raisman caused waves by posing nude for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. Spiranac and Raisman have said posing nude lets them take back their bodies and is the ultimate form of empowerment. Others say there are other ways to empower women without having to exploit their nude bodies. What do you think? 👙…

Should Shaun White be celebrated or condemned?

Snowboarding superstar Shaun White added to his legendary career, winning a third gold medal in the halfpipe event at the 2018 Winter Olympics. However, that's not what everyone wanted to talk about after the win. Media members asked him about the 2016 sexual assault case that's still following him. Some think this should be a time of celebration for one of the greatest snowboarders ever. Others w…