WWE releases many wrestlers including favorite Damien Sandow
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WWE releases many wrestlers including favorite Damien Sandow

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On Friday, May 6, the WWE released several wrestlers from their contracts, and fans are upset about one in particular. Damien Sandow (formerly known as Mizdow and Macho Mizdow) is a wrestler fans don't want to let go of. Did the WWE make a mistake that needs to be reversed?

The WWE also released seven other wrestlers, including King Barrett, Cameron, Zeb Colter, Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, Alex Riley and El Torito.

Some fans wished Sandow well — saying he wasn't appreciated anyway. Should he just move on?

Sandow has been wrestling since 2001 and joined WWE in 2012. After many gimmicks and name changes, he remains a fan favorite, and his supporters aren't letting go without a fight.

What do you think: Should the WWE #BringBackSandow or is #MoveOnSandow the wrestler's better option?

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Is it too late? WWE says it came to terms with releasing several wrestling stars.
But it's not stopping fans from expressing their disappointment.
Other fans aren't giving up hope. They want to keep "Damien Sandow" trending on Twitter.
However, not everyone believes the WWE screwed up.
And others are wishing him well.
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