Best WWE face: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin or Bret 'The Hitman' Hart?
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Best WWE face: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin or Bret 'The Hitman' Hart?

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Some looked up to Superman or Batman growing up, others attached themselves to heroes of professional wrestling. Wrestling heroes, or faces, uplift their fans to whole new level. We at the Tylt want to know who is the greatest face of them all. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin brought an attitude to the face role. Bret Hart was the WWE's Canadian knight in shining armor. Who was the better face? 🤼

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Is professional wrestling a fake sport? That's arguable, but the heroes who hail from the WWE are very real. Fans celebrate every win and grieve every loss when their favorite wrestlers take a step into the squared circle. The faces of the WWE give fans someone to root for, a performer who embodies everything that is good in the world and shows there's always a good guy around to save the day.

Faces drive the popularity of the sport with their athleticism and charisma. Kids and adults line the walls with their posters and other memorabilia, paying tribute to their status at the top of the WWE. Without the faces, there is no professional wrestling, and the Tylt wants to know who your favorite hero of the WWE. 

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The Attitude Era of the WWE was one of the most entertaining in the business's history, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was the redneck star of the show. Austin wasn't the most morally upstanding, nor was he a great role model. He drank beer, got in everyone's face and went head to head with some of the biggest villains of his generation. He was the anti-hero that WWE fans deserved.

The Texas Rattlesnake showed no mercy in his clashes with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Fans lived vicariously through his antics against the boss of the company like they were getting over on their own superiors as well. Heroes come in all forms. Austin was the hero that would talk smack, beat you down and talk some more. He was the greatest face of the WWE, and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.


For 15 years, Bret Hart was the hero who saved the day against the heels of the WWE. When Yokozuna or Ric Flair got a little too loose in the company, Hart was always around to right the ship. You could always depend on Hart to stand up for good and never back down from putting a villain in his place. He may have had his problems with fans in the past, but that never stopped him from being one of the most popular wrestlers of his generation.

Say what you will about his outside-the-ring reputation, no one was Hart's equal in the ring. He is regarded as the most technically sound wrestlers to ever step into the ring, with incredible body control and athleticism. Whether it was his signature sharpshooter or creative pins he was able to execute, Hart provided some of the most beautiful performances in the sport. When it came to actual wrestling part of the job, Hart was the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

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