Best WWE face: John Cena or Sting?
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Best WWE face: John Cena or Sting?

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Some looked up to Superman or Batman growing up, others attached themselves to heroes of professional wrestling. Wrestling heroes, or faces, uplift their fans to whole new level. We at the Tylt want to know who is the greatest face of them all. John Cena was a hero on and off the mat. Sting was a hero of heroes, defending the WCW from Ric Flair, the Four Horseman, and the NWO. Who was the better face? 🤼

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Is professional wrestling a fake sport? That's arguable, but the heroes who hail from the WWE are very real. Fans celebrate every win and grieve every loss when their favorite wrestlers take a step into the squared circle. The faces of the WWE give fans someone to root for, a performer who embodies everything that is good in the world and shows there's always a good guy around to save the day.

Faces drive the popularity of the sport with their athleticism and charisma. Kids and adults line the walls with their posters and other memorabilia, paying tribute to their status at the top of the WWE. Without the faces, there is no professional wrestling, and the Tylt wants to know who your favorite hero of the WWE.

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You can't see him, but it's hard to miss John Cena. From his incredible ring presence to his perfectly meme-able entrance music, the leader of Cenation is the embodiment of a hero. His mantra of "hustle, loyalty, and respect” is a code his millions of fans follow. 

The 10-time WWE Champion is an example of doing things right, and never compromising your values for an easy way out. He has captured the adoration of an entire wrestling generation, and it's not hard to see why.

Cena made a name for himself in the ring, but it is his work out of the ring that makes him a real hero. He has granted more Make-A-Wish Foundation wishes than anyone in the history of the organization. He has touched over 500 lives, giving people the chance to meet their hero for one unforgettable memory when things are at their toughest. There is no fan he won't go the extra mile for, and that's what makes him the greatest hero of them all.


The WCW needed new blood in the '90s with superstar Ric Flair aging. Enter Sting. The company found the anthesis of Ric Flair and ushered in a new era where the organization was never more popular. 

Sting, a ball of energy from Venice Beach, brought a charismatic hero to counter Flair (and later the NWO) who was a tireless worker and one of the best performers the industry has ever seen. Even in his later years, Sting's athleticism was on full display, putting everything on the line for the fans. Sting was the hero of heroes in professional wrestling.

When Hulk Hogan turned heel, the NWO ran the WCW. Anyone who opposed them was met with a swift beating, and intimidating message to fall in line. Sting, who now dawned a darker persona, would not bow down to the NWO's demands, and rallied the other wrestlers behind him to overthrow the NWO. 

Sting finally got Hogan at Starrcade, when the world saw the Stinger make Hollywood quit in the ring. The rest of the WCW rejoiced and paid tribute to him in the ring. You know you're something special when your rivals celebrate your victory.

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