Best WWE face: Hulk Hogan or Dusty Rhodes?
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Best WWE face: Hulk Hogan or Dusty Rhodes?

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Some looked up to Superman or Batman growing up, others attached themselves to heroes of professional wrestling. Wrestling heroes, or faces, uplift their fans to whole new level. We at the Tylt want to know who is the greatest face of them all. Hulk Hogan drove the wrestling world wild with Hulkamania. Dusty Rhodes was the blue-collar hero everyone wanted to be. Who was the better face? 🤼

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Is professional wrestling a fake sport? That's arguable, but the heroes who hail from the WWE are very real. Fans celebrate every win and grieve every loss when their favorite wrestlers take a step into the squared circle. The faces of the WWE give fans someone to root for, a performer who embodies everything that is good in the world and shows there's always a good guy around to save the day.

Faces drive the popularity of the sport with their athleticism and charisma. Kids and adults line the walls with their posters and other memorabilia, paying tribute to their status at the top of the WWE. Without the faces, there is no professional wrestling, and the Tylt wants to know who your favorite hero of the WWE.

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There were heroes, and then there was the Hulkster. After defeating the hated Iron Sheik, Hulk Hogan became a household name. With his army of Hulkamaniacs, Hogan would dominate the WWE for over four years. He would ride his support to incredible victories against some of the sport's greatest opponents, including Andre the Giant and King Kong Bundy. 

Hogan established himself as the all-American superhero, frequently waving the flag around as he lay waste to the villains that dared to threaten the company. There were many good guys in professional wrestling, but there weren't any heroes more wholesome than Hogan.

Train, say your prayers and eat your vitamins—words every Hulk Hogan fan knows by heart. Hogan created a no-nonsense moral character that every kid wanted to be, and every parent wanted them to be. 

There were no underhanded tactics when it came to Hogan. He took his opponent's best shot, and came back stronger, gaining power from the thousands of fans screaming in the arena. He may have been the only performer in the ring, but Hogan always had the millions of Hulkamaniacs there with him, bemoaning every loss and celebrating every win.


Dusty Rhodes may not have had the superhero persona of the Ultimate Warrior or Hulk Hogan, but that's what made him special. Rhodes was the ultimate blue-collar hero. His belly was a little bigger, and his muscles were a little smaller, but he was an everyman's man. 

While the Ric Flair's of wrestling were showing off their Rolexes, Rhodes showed you can still be a hero rocking trucker hats and jeans. He was the embodiment of the American Dream for working his way from the bottom to the top with hard work, no flash, and all substance. Who doesn't want to root for that?

There were a lot of charmers in the WWE, but no one got the crowd on his side quite like Rhodes. He had a preacher's ability to rally people with a flow that would be the envy of most rappers. His promos with Ric Flair were legendary, and brought professional wrestling to another level in terms of popularity. 

Rhodes may not have the crossover popularity that some other professional wrestling superstars have had, but there may be no one more beloved by true wrestling fans than him.

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