Best WWE face: Bruno Sammartino or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?
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Best WWE face: Bruno Sammartino or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?

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Some looked up to Superman or Batman growing up, others attached themselves to heroes of professional wrestling. Wrestling heroes, or faces, uplift their fans to whole new level. We at the Tylt want to know who is the greatest face of them all. Bruno Sammartino was the original face who put professional wrestling on the map in the '60s. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's popularity transcended the sport itself. Who was the better face? 🤼

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Is professional wrestling a fake sport? That's arguable, but the heroes who hail from the WWE are very real. Fans celebrate every win and grieve every loss when their favorite wrestlers take a step into the squared circle. The faces of the WWE give fans someone to root for, a performer who embodies everything that is good in the world and shows there's always a good guy around to save the day.

Faces drive the popularity of the sport with their athleticism and charisma. Kids and adults line the walls with their posters and other memorabilia, paying tribute to their status at the top of the WWE. Without the faces, there is no professional wrestling, and the Tylt wants to know who your favorite hero of the WWE.

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You can't have a best faces bracket without one of the originals. Bruno Sammartino was a rising talent in professional wrestling when he beat "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in 46 seconds to win the WWE Championship. That win was the beginning of a seven-year, eight months and one-day title reign a record that still stands today.

Sammartino was arguably one of the most popular wrestlers to ever step into the ring, selling out Madison Square Garden 187 times, using his Italian heritage to draw huge crowds from one of the largest Italian populations in the United States. His imposing build and bruising style made him one of the most beloved wrestlers in the history of the sport.

Sammartino's reign as world champion ended when he was defeated by Russian wrestler Ivan Koloff. Sammartino wasn't going to let America go down in the loss column during the Cold War era.


There have been superstars in the WWE before, but there was no one bigger than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. From his iconic entrance music to his athletic performances in the ring, Johnson took his popularity in pro wrestling and transcended to mainstream megastardom that had never been seen before. 

Johnson may have strayed from his face role into heeldom a few times but his time as a hero lit the WWE on fire, even during one of the most popular eras of professional wrestling. Johnson wasn't just a star—he was the star. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

He may have been one of the best athletes on WWE roster (Johnson was a national championship football player at the University of Miami), but his mic work was what made him legendary. When he wasn't smoking jabronies in the ring, he was killing them in promos. No one could turn a phrase or create a catchphrase out of thin air like Johnson. Don't you think? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK.

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