Winter Olympics vs. Summer Olympics: Which games are better?
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Winter Olympics vs. Summer Olympics: Which games are better?

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are on the horizon, and the 2020 Summer Olympics kick off in Tokyo in just a couple of years. Both are great events, but which one do you love more? The Winter Olympics has everything from the artistry of figure skating to the brutal skill of hockey. The Summer Olympics has the raw athleticism of track and field and grace of gymnastics. What do you think? ❄ 🏃


Do you believe in miracles?

Try finding an athlete who is as electric as Usain Bolt.

High-level competition isn't just limited to the Summer Olympics. Professional hockey players are allowed to compete in the Olympics, giving the world some of the best quality of play. While the NHL is not allowing its athletes to compete this time around, that level of skill is just the tip of the iceberg in the Winter Olympics.

Never has there been a collection of stars quite like the Dream Team. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird captained a team of basketball Hall of Famers, turning the sport into an international sensation. This didn't happen at the Winter Olympics. Only the Summer Olympics has that magic.

Canadian cross-country skier Sara Renner of Canada broke her pole through the medal race, a death sentence in that sport. But a coach on the Norwegian team wasn't going to stand by, and let her fail on an equipment malfunction. The coach gave her a spare pole from Norway's stock, and she was able to finish with a silver medal. Sportsmanship reigns supreme at the Winter Olympics. 

Sportsmanship is great, but so is inspiration. Derek Redman was projected to medal in the 200m sprint... and then he tore his hamstring, ending any hopes he would make it to the podium. 

Unwilling to quit, Redman limped to the finish line in tears with the help of his father. He finished the race, giving millions of viewers a glimpse at what perseverance truly is.  

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