Who would win in a fight: Manny Pacquiao or Amir Khan?
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Who would win in a fight: Manny Pacquiao or Amir Khan?

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Manny Pacquiao recently tweeted at fans to pick his next opponent on his "retirement tour." Many thought he would fight the Australian schoolteacher turned boxer Jeff Horn on April 23, but Pacman's tweet contradicts that. Horn versus Pacman may or may not happen, but Amir Khan (a.k.a. King Khan) won the poll. Many fans want to see the face-off, and Khan has been campaigning for years to fight the welterweight champion. Who are you betting on? 💪🏽👊

The Votes Are In!

King Khan won the poll by 48 percent. 

And now both critics and fans are confused about who Pacman will fight in the United Arab Emirates in April. According to the Telegraph:

A spokesman for Pacquiao revealed the 38-year-old was due to meet his manager Michael Koncz on Monday and a statement about his next fight would be issued soon after.

But clearly many fans want Pacman's opponent to be King Khan instead of Horn. Is Pacman versus King Khan a better match?


After all—Horn isn't as well known as Khan.

Regardless of the opponent, Pacman would be hard to beat! He is the WBO world welterweight champion after all. Pacman has a total of 67 fights with 59 wins under his belt. So this won't be an easy bout for Khan.

Here are Pacquiao's stats


Khan and his fan army have been campaigning for years for this fight to happen. And they believe in him. Khan is pretty darn fast, and he argues that his speed would help him win in a fight against the welterweight champion. 

Boxing 247 wrote: 

But is there a chance, even a small one, that Pacquiao fights Khan next? Khan has wanted this fight for some time, convinced that his speed and explosiveness would be too much for the man he sparred so many times when he and Manny were both trained by Freddie Roach (Khan insisting he more than held his own in the hard sessions). Pacquiao-Khan in the United Arab Emirates: it would sell and you’d watch it. Don’t be massively surprised if you get the chance.

Here are Khan's stats.


Horn says Pacman is messing with everyone. But does that mean that a Pacman and King Khan match can't happen?

King Khan is a much more popular choice. Some detractors argue Pacman could easily beat Horn. And even if the fight with Horn happens first, Pacman could still face off with King Khan later.

On the other hand, fans believe Khan's quickness would help him take down the legend. 

But Pacman's crew argue the champion and legend could take on any opponent!

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