Is it better to watch sports on TV or in-person?
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Is it better to watch sports on TV or in-person?

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There’s nothing quite like going to a stadium, smelling the popcorn and peanuts, and watching a ballgame in person. But is it worth the hassle? With everything from affordability to unruly fans and line of sight, watching games on TV is a more enjoyable experience. But nothing in your home theater can replace hearing the cracking of the bat, or the roar of the crowd at a stadium. Where do you like to enjoy your games more? 📺 🏟

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Situation: you spend money to get into a place where you sit in uncomfortable chairs, overspend for what is supposed to be cheap beverages and food and leave upset because an entity you invested time and energy into fails. Does that sound appealing? Because that's what happens when you go to a ball game.

There is no logical reason why anyone should be fleeced to watch sports that are perfectly watchable on television. Watching games at home is easy. You literally sit down on your comfortable couch, open an adult beverage you bought for a reasonable price and watch the game unafraid that some drunken idiot is going to try and start trouble, like the morons in this video. That sounds way more fun. 

The barrier of entry to enjoy a live game is too high. With player contracts skyrocketing, teams have to make up the difference by overcharging for tickets to turn a profit. As a result, people who want to go to the games can't because they are being priced out. Not that you would have a better experience if you got in having to deal with obstructed views, or sitting in a seat far away from the action. Being able to watch the game stress free with enjoyable camera angles close to the action is a much preferable experience.

You can be lazy, and just sit in front of your television to watch the game, or you can join thousands of other fans for an experience. Watching sports at stadiums is one of the most thrilling moments for any true sports fan. There is electricity and anticipation waiting to see what athletic feat your favorite player will accomplish right front of your eyes without having to depend on a camera to capture it.

More importantly, there is no home in the world that can host thousands of screaming fans who are just as passionate as you about your team. There is a special sense of community that comes with making the effort to watch the game at a stadium. In the end, it's all worth it to be with people who share your love of the team.

One of the many great things about going to sporting event is being part of the action. No longer are you just screaming at a television; you are actually yelling at people who can actually hear you. At home, you can't influence anything. At a stadium, being a part of a collective distraction can actually affect the outcome of a game.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll also be the star of the show. Try doing that from home.

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