Was Arrieta's no-hitter a fluke?
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Was Arrieta's no-hitter a fluke?

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Cub's pitcher Jake Arrieta just pitched a no-hitter – making him the only Cubs pitcher to have a no-hitter in back-to-back seasons. Last season, when he pitched a no-hitter, some questioned whether it was a fluke given his less-than stellar performance pitching for the Orioles. 

After this year's performance, everyone is pausing to think a bit harder. ESPN Senior Writer Jayson Stark took a good look at the numbers and they are pretty impressive. Sometimes athletes get to a new level and we should stop to appreciate. Then again, remember Jeremy Lin and "Linsanity." 

Is Arrieta's stellar performance here to stay?

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People who were once skeptical, are now convinced this is more than a fluke.
Some people remember his time with the Orioles all too well.
Arrieta is more than a 1-year wonder.
Arrieta is still not doing as well as other pitchers.
People remain skeptical.
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