Steph Curry to be named NBA MVP two years in a row
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Steph Curry to be named NBA MVP two years in a row

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Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry is your MVP ... for the second year in a row! His season has been quite an impressive one. He's broken records with the Warriors' 73 wins and a solo record of 402 three-pointers. However, with popularity comes some backlash and as some critics would call it — overexposure. 

However, does Curry deserve to be MVP two years in a row?

Some critics don't agree with picking Curry as the MVP two years in a row or even as last year's choice — feeling as though he's a sports and media favorite who doesn't quite deserve the attention. Some critics have named LeBron James or Russell Westbrook as more deserving. But ...

What do you think: #CurryMVP or #CurryNotMVP?

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ESPN talks Curry's impressive records that most likely is leading him to his second MVP victory.
Fans are excited about his reign!
This fan believes Curry is only getting started!
However, some critics wouldn't agree! They don't think Curry is the right choice for MVP.
This fan believes LeBron James is the real MVP.
And this fan believes it’s Russell Westbrook.
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