Social media hacks cost Laremy Tunsil millions in Round One of NFL draft
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Social media hacks cost Laremy Tunsil millions in Round One of NFL draft

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University of Mississippi offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was slated as the number one pick in Round 1 of the NFL draft—until a video of Tunsil smoking from a bong while wearing a gas mask went viral just minutes before the draft began. 

The video was posted to Tunsil's own Twitter account, which he claims was hacked. The social media exposé continued when screenshots of an alleged text exchange between Tunsil and a University of Mississippi athletics department employee regarding his mother's utility bills were posted to Tunsil's Instagram account. The athlete then acknowledged that he had been paid while playing for Ole Miss, a major NCAA violation.

As a result of the controversies, Tunsil slipped all the way down to number 13 in the draft rankings, a drop that cost him millions of dollars in potential earnings. Tunsil wound up being drafted by the Miami Dolphins, and Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told reporters the pot-smoking clip did not bother him.

Did the NFL teams overreact to Tunsil smoking pot and violating NCAA rules? Or was his demotion in the draft deserved?

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Some thought Tunsil got what he deserved for breaking the law.
Many commenters rolled their eyes at the uproar over Tunsil's pot-smoking video.
Some fans thought Tunsil's ranking drop was totally justified, if only because of the drama around him.
Sportswriter Stewart Mandel thought Tunsil was more sinned against than sinning.
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