Soccer star Renato Sanches signs with Bayern Munich

Soccer star Renato Sanches signs with Bayern Munich

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Bayern Munich signed two superstars today: Benfica's Renato Sanches and Dortmund's Mats Hummels. Sanches was originally expected to sign with Manchester United (MUFC), but Louis van Gaal vetoed the effort.

Although many fans believe Bayern got a great pick and it's the better option for Sanches, some critics are upset he didn't sign with MUFC. Should MUFC have signed Sanches? Or is the soccer star better off with Bayern?

The popular midfielder will be with Bayern over the course of a 5-year contract. UK outlets have reported that MUFC ended talks with Sanches in February and van Gaal advised not to make an offer. Still, some feel cheated Sanches won't be with MUFC.

What do you think: #RenatoBayern or #RenatoMUFC?

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It's a done deal though!
Some say Bayern is the better option anyways!
MUFC management is being held responsible.
People are calling out MUFC's misfortune and mistake.
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