Which is more fun: Skiing or snowboarding?
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Which is more fun: Skiing or snowboarding?

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The rivalry (and outright hostility) between skiers and snowboarders goes way back. Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master. Plus skiers can go faster, jump higher, and jump further. But snowboarding is the sport of the youthful, punk rock underdog. The gear is cheaper so it seems less elitist, and the tricks look way cooler—they're basically surfing on mountains. What's cooler than that? Are you Team Skiing or Team Snowboarding? ⛷️ 🏔️ 🏂


Skiing's history goes back for millennia. 

Compared to skiing’s rich history [snowboarding] is but a newborn baby. Archeologists believe that people have been skiing, in some form or other, since 5000 BC....wall paintings suggest that people have been using skis in the Xinjiang region of what is now China since approximately the tenth century. 

But snowboarders say older equals lamer. Snowboarding boots are better. There's way less gear, which means no yard sales. And learning to snowboard means you have lots of transferable skills to other sports.

Once you have mastered skiing you can only use that skill for one other sport, water skiing and everyone knows that isn’t much fun. Once you have mastered snowboarding there area endless board sports to enjoy.

But skiers clap back: how cool can snowboarding really be if Justin Bieber is into it? Jack Clayton argues that snowboarding is "cutting edge" the way that alternative rock is "underground:"

Snowboarding used to be anti-establishment, but now it’s done by balding investment bankers.

Snowboarding is like the little alternative band you’ve been loving since 2004, that suddenly blew up when their fourth album got a five star review in The Telegraph. You still love the band, but they’re not ‘your’ band anymore. They’re bigger than that, they’ve waddled over to the mainstream and lost their underground appeal.

This growth in audience has fundamentally changed the demographic of snowboarding, which was one of the things that made it so cool in the first place.

Others say the snowboarding community is way cooler and more welcoming than old-school skiers.

Snowboarders love sitting on the top of the slopes, just chill out for a minute, enjoy the view and have a casual chat with their friends or companions. Believe it – it is not only to look cool in your new, bright and trendy snowboarding outfit and acting out, it is just because snowboarders are much more social and relaxed people in general!
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