Sixers and StubHub pair for sponsorship: Do logos belong on a jersey?
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Sixers and StubHub pair for sponsorship: Do logos belong on a jersey?

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The Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub are making history. The sports team and the online marketplace are teaming up for the first-ever sponsorship deal to show up on any mainstream American professional sports team jersey. Although historic (in America), not everyone is feeling the new look or the deal.

NASCAR does it. So do European soccer clubs. A business has to make money, right. So why can't NBA teams sell a little space on their jersey for money? Then again, they are distracting, ugly and a line should be drawn somewhere - why not at zero. Besides, these sports teams aren't exactly hurting for cash.

Do sponsor logos belong on major sports jerseys? 

The 2½-by-2½-inch logo patch will be featured on the jerseys at the start of the 2017-2018 season. It's reported the deal is for $15 million over three years. 

Take a look at the jerseys under our perspectives section. And then ...

... Let us know what do you think: #YesStubHubSixers or #NoStubHubSixers?

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The Sixers showed off their new jerseys Monday morning.
It's about the players stupid!
And the deal was historic!
However, some fans weren't into the new look, and others don't believe that a sponsorship logo should be present.
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