Should the UFC ban Jon Jones for life?
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Should the UFC ban Jon Jones for life?

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According to ESPN, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones' "B" sample confirmed a failed a drug test that occurred right before UFC 214. This is his second failed drug test in as many years, calling into question his right to compete in the UFC. This incident, in addition to his hit-and-run arrest, suggests Jones does not deserve to fight in the UFC ever again. However, he failed a drug test, he didn’t commit an egregious crime, so a suspension should suffice. What do you think? 👊

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According to a United States Anti-Doping Agency spokesperson, Jon Jones' "B" sample had tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid, confirming the failed drug test taken a day before he beat Daniel Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight title at UFC 214. Should he be banned for life or just suspended?

With Jon Jones' checkered past, there is no defensible reason why the UFC shouldn't ban him for life. He might talk a big game about how he's learned his lesson, and how he is a changed man, but words meaning nothing without action.

All Jones has done is played the UFC and its fans for suckers. He has shown no signs he can be a rule abiding fighter, and he should be banished for life before he tarnishes the UFC brand even further.

People have jumped to conclusions faster than they jumped during a House of Pain song. Not only does the UFC have to confirm the test results, there needs to be an investigation into whether someone in Jones camp set him up to fail.

There are a lot of things at play for UFC President Dana White to just make an emotional decision and hand a lifetime ban to one of the best fighters ever in the company's history. Even if his drug test is confirmed positive, a second violation should not be a lifetime ban, but a multi-year suspension.

Jones has embarrassed the UFC, but he should still be treated fairly.

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