Should the NFL let players smoke weed?

Should the NFL let players smoke weed?

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People are calling on the NFL to catch up with the times and allow players to smoke marijuana. It's a much safer way to manage pain than getting addicted to opioids. Currently, players can be suspended if they are caught with traces of marijuana in their system. Critics say NFL players are role models and should set a good example for kids—and besides, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. What do you think? 🏈 🌿

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Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms lays out the case for allowing players to smoke in this video. He argues marijuana is a safer way to treat pain compared to the opiates the league already uses. 

Some players use marijuana to treat debilitating conditions like Crohn's disease—it is extremely unfair to penalize them for that. Simms argues smoking marijuana is essentially the equivalent of drinking a beer after coming home from work. It is not something that should be penalized.

Not everyone agrees with Chris though. Critics say marijuana is illegal, and they don't want the NFL and its players to support drug use—even with a less harmful drug like marijuana. 

“Adults and adult players talking about their marijuana smoking and promoting it as medical is incredibly irresponsible given that these guys are role models for young people,” Dr. Kevin Sabet, co-founder of the nonprofit group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), told LifeZette. Sabet is also an assistant professor of psychiatry and director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida.
“And now, at a time when marijuana has reached record potencies and it’s being delivered in things like candies and sodas and ice cream, particularly to get young people addicted, the last thing we need are our sports players talking about how this has been good for them,” Sabet told LifeZette.

Here are some perspectives on why the NFL should let players smoke marijuana. 

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