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Most influential women's tennis player: Serena Williams vs. Billie Jean King

March is Women's History Month, and we at The Tylt want to appreciate some of the greatest women to ever play sports. From being a part of some of the best plays ever to fighting for wage equality, women athletes have to overcome a lot of adversity and scrutinization to be successful in their respective sports. They deserve to be celebrated for the great athletes that they are.

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There have been few women in sports who make greatness look so easy. Serena Williams not only dominated the sport with her play on the court, she heavily influenced the game with her style and grace off of it. She has dealt with people questioning her femininity because of her dominance with a grace that is rarely seen. There may be no other woman that has influenced others quite like Williams. 

Here is Loretta Segura with more:

As a tennis player, Serena has had an immense influence on not only my game but my sportsmanship. She is competitive, yes, and she makes it extremely known on the court, though, she is humble. Following her matches, she is never bitter to the opposing players, most of the time, you see her composed, calm, and even hugging her competitors.

Serena Williams might challenge a jab here and there, but she is generally respected during her time. Billi Jean King took on a society that devalued women openly and changed the way people thought of the "fairer sex." 

King defeated Bobby Riggs, who taunted and demeaned women as weaker. She forced men to realize that women were a force to be reckoned with and remains a hero to this day for changing that perception. 

Here is Claire Cohen of The Telegraph with more: 

After the [Battle of the Sexes], things changed. That year, the US Open became the first tournament to offer equal prize money. King had proved that women were not the weaker sex.Without her, we might not have great champions like Serena Williams. Nor would we see increasing diversity in the sport – King later became a gay role model, after being forced to come out when she was sued by a former girlfriend.
Most influential women's tennis player: Serena Williams vs. Billie Jean King
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