Is the NFL too soft?
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Is the NFL too soft?

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With player safety threatened by an uptick in concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the NFL has banned certain types of tackles and instituted new injury protocols to make the game safer. But is it making players less tough? The NFL used to be a place where the toughest men played, where the hits were hard and injuries were shaken off. Still, there is life after football, and making the league safer is necessary for the long-term health of its players. What do you think? 🏈

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Big hits, and memorable battles are why people fall in love with football. The NFL used to have some of the toughest men in the league who would play no matter what. Now, players will sit after a hard hit, nursing sprains when their predecessors played through everything. The NFL is too soft.

Former NFL linebacker Bart Scott used to level opponents while he was playing. He recognizes a shift in the league that has compromised the toughness the league is known for.

Football at its core is a battle of wills against two men. It's going to hurt you. It's going to hurt me, but who was willing to take it longer. I was always willing to hurt myself to hurt you.

Legendary Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Jack Youngblood took the team to the Super Bowl while playing on a broken leg throughout the playoffs. Players today sit out with soreness. Bring back the Youngbloods of the world.

Apparently, wanting to protect these players from serious brain damage is "soft." The NFL is a dangerous sport, but there is no reason to let these warriors risk themselves even more than they already are. Putting rules in place eliminates unnecessary headshots, and other dirty plays as much as possible. This assures these players will live a fulfilling life after they are done playing. Safety is not soft.

CTE is a serious brain injury causing some former NFL players to take their own life. They have suffered so many concussions, or blows to the head, they can't function or control their moods. If left unchecked, their behavior becomes erratic and players can harm themselves and people around them. The NFL needs rules to protect their players from themselves.

CTE may have contributed to Aaron Hernandez's violent behavior, and suicide. The NFL needs to prevent head injuries so this doesn't happen again.

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