Who will be the better NFL quarterback: Josh Rosen vs. Sam Darnold?
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Who will be the better NFL quarterback: Josh Rosen vs. Sam Darnold?

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College stars Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are expected to be the first quarterbacks taken in the NFL draft if they decide to come out this year. While their positions in the draft are uncertain, it's likely they will be playing professionally on Sundays. Rosen has laser precision with his passes, while Darnold can make plays with his feet. Who will be the better pro? 🏈

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There's arm talent, and then there's Josh Rosen arm talent. The UCLA quarterback can make all the pro throws, with a cannon for an arm and pinpoint accuracy. He is a franchise-level quarterback that teams will be drooling over. He has the arm and decision making to succeed in the league. Here is Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball.com with the scouting report:

For the NFL, Rosen has the physical skill set to be a franchise quarterback. He has a lot of physical talent along with a strong arm, height, and pocket presence. Rosen has a big arm that can make all the throws required in the NFL. He can launch the ball deep, sling the out route to the outside hash, and can put some velocity on the ball. Rosen has an excellent starting point of decent fundamentals heading into the NFL. Rosen's mechanics and fundamentals make for the best foundation of any of the quarterback prospects for the 2018 NFL Draft.
Rosen can be an accurate passer who is willing to make tough throws into tight windows. He is able to throw receivers open with well-placed passes and shows the ability to be a rhythm passer. Rosen flashes good timing and anticipation, especially when he has a clean pocket. In terms of field vision, Rosen will work off his primary read, but he definitely needs to improve his vision for the NFL. UCLA has called a lot of primary-option quick-pass plays, so Rosen could use more reps taking deep drops and working through reads.

Sam Darnold exploded into the national spotlight by leading a floundering USC Trojan team to the Rose Bowl, and engineering one of the most epic comebacks in the game's history. Darnold is a special player, with a knack for making plays in the clutch when his team really needs him. He also utilizes his legs, keeping plays alive by scrambling or running for huge chunks of yardage. He doesn't have the arm of Rosen, but he has a NFL-ready skill set that will win him a lot of games and fans at that next level. Darnold is the future face of the NFL. Here is Charlie Campbell again with the scouting report:

First and foremost, Darnold was an accurate passer from the pocket. He showed nice ball location and accuracy in the short to intermediate part of the field. Darnold was comfortable in the pocket, but also showed the ability to move around to buy time. While Darnold is not a running quarterback, he is functional to avoid sacks and will move around to help his offensive line and receivers. He made a number of really nice plays last year when things went off script as he got creative to move the ball for his offense.
Darnold has good size and surveys the field well. He has a strong enough arm to make the throws required and generally made good decisions in 2016 as he was very skilled at protecting the football to avoid turnovers. Darnold flashed some anticipation and timing to his throws with field vision to work through progressions.
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