Does the Jay Ajayi trade turn the Philadelphia Eagles into Super Bowl contenders?
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Does the Jay Ajayi trade turn the Philadelphia Eagles into Super Bowl contenders?

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The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge trade to shore up their running game by acquiring Pro-Bowl running Jay Ajayi for a fourth-round pick. With Carson Wentz blossoming, and the Eagles look ready to run through the NFC to clinch a Super-Bowl berth. However, The Eagles have made big moves before only to fall short, and they have some glaring problems that may prevent them from playing in February. What do you think?

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Even before the Eagles got Jay Ajayi, Philadelphia had a Super Bowl caliber team with Carson Wentz flourishing in his second year in the league. The franchise has the best record in the NFL halfway through the season and added a Pro-Bowl running back to open up the field more for Wentz. This is the Eagles' year. 

Here Mark Maske of the Washington Post with more:

There are no perfect teams in the NFC. And the Eagles, at the moment, are the least imperfect of the imperfect teams. They are the Super Bowl front-runner in an underwhelming conference until someone proves otherwise.

Last year, Jay Ajayi had three 200-yard rushing games and helped the Dolphins to a 10-6 season. His presence makes people respect the run game more, opening things up for Wentz during play-action. If Wentz isn't getting the job done, he can carry this team to the Super Bowl.

As much as Jay Ajayi helps the Eagles, this is the same squad that deemed itself the "dream team" in 2011 and bumbled their way to an 8-8 record. Philadelphia is no stranger to making big splashes only for the team to peter out when it matters most. Ajayi is a huge addition, but the Eagles will find a way to ruin this, either with injuries or poor play.

Jason Peters injury is a huge loss, and the Eagles still don't have a true No. 1 receiver. Their defense is also on the mediocre side, and you can't have a mediocre defense and expect to make it to the Super Bowl. Philadelphia got better, but they won't be competing for the ultimate prize in February.

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