Is Jon Gruden ever going to coach again?
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Is Jon Gruden ever going to coach again?

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Any time there is a coaching vacancy in the NFL or at a big-time college program, ESPN broadcaster Jon Gruden always appears as a potential hire. It’s not surprising. He is an intelligent coach, who has the ability to communicate with everyone. There is an itch broadcasting can't scratch, and he's coming back. Still, his job at ESPN is pretty cushy, and there is no reason why he would walk away from that easy schedule for the grind of being a coach. What do you think? 🏈

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The thing about football coaches is that they are wired differently. They can't sit still. And no matter how much money they are getting, there is something about leading young men on a football field that calls to them. Jon Gruden has been comfortable in the broadcast booth, but the football field is calling for him to return, and he can't help but answer it.

Gruden is linked to rumors of coaching college football at Tennessee, even reportedly contacting coaches to be on his staff. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and Gruden is in middle of it all. Even if he doesn't take this job, he will be coaching again before you know it. Just hear what he had to say on the Rich Eisen Show:

I have talked to people in years past. I plan on keeping my options open. If something comes along down the road, we'll take a look at it.

The life of a coach is a grind. You barely sleep, a majority of your "free" time is watching film on your team and other teams, you don't see your wife and kids, and you draw the ire of millions of fans if you make a tiny mistake. Who would want to go back to that life?

Gruden is making money hand over fist without having to deal with the high-stress schedule of being a coach. He stands in a booth and analyzes what is happening on the field. There aren't fans berating him constantly for doing a bad job, and he doesn't have to deal with owners breathing down his neck for results.

There is no way Gruden walks away from such an easy life to get thrown back into the meat grinder that is the NFL.

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