Is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a hero?
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Is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a hero?

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is going to war with the NFL over the contract extension for league commissioner Roger Goodell, and the battle is being waged publicly. With the league out of touch, Jones’ stand against Goodell to save the NFL is admirable. Still, Jones had no problem with Goodell until his star running back was suspended by the league. He’s not being heroic. He’s just being petty. What do you think? 🏈

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Jerry Jones is the hero we need, but don't deserve. For years, Goodell has embarrassed the league with ham-handed punishments, concussion coverups, domestic abuse issues, national anthem protests and declining viewership. And yet he's asking for nearly $50 million per year and wants a private jet for the rest of his life? Please. 

Goodell can't reap the benefits of doing a bad job. Unlike the other owners, Jones isn't bowing down to the NFL overlord. He is taking a stand for the fans to save the NFL. Jones is a hero, and Rich Cromwell of The Federalist is rooting for him:

There’s a ratings slide, a decline in quarterback play, and people are finding themselves rooting for the Patriots. The most promising opposition is led by Jones, a man many of us would not normally align ourselves with.


Today, though, Jones is our Brady, the man who can perhaps help orchestrate the comeback of comebacks. Holding Goodell accountable is not just good, but necessary. The means by which he is held accountable must be concrete, not nebulous. We may not be discussing America’s pastime, but we’re still talking about something distinctly American that brings us together. Sure, it’s to shout at one another, but it’s a much friendlier shouting than some of the other reasons we shout at each other.

Jones was silent when Roger Goodell was inching towards a contract extension before. Now all of a sudden, he wants to challenge the NFL and threaten to sue the league if they move forward? What changed? Oh, that's right. His star running back got suspended.

Everyone knows Jones is causing a ruckus because he wants to get revenge on the league commissioner. The league has been making money hand over fist, and the owners have gotten a huge chunk of the revenue because of the collective bargaining agreement he negotiated. Jones has no reason to fight if his pockets are getting lined with cash. 

There is no grand purpose to Jones' fight. He doesn't care about the fans. He just wants to save face, and embarrass Goodell. Even billionaires are petty, and Jones is most petty of them all.

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