Did the New England Patriots make a mistake by trading Jimmy Garoppolo?
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Did the New England Patriots make a mistake by trading Jimmy Garoppolo?

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Former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has flourished as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, winning all six of his starts. With Tom Brady over 40 years old, many think New England made a mistake letting Garoppolo go because he could've filled the leadership void under center when Brady inevitably retires. Still, Brady has plenty left in the tank after an MVP-caliber season and keeping Garoppolo on the bench would've wasted everyone's time. What do you think? 🏈

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The San Francisco 49ers only had to give up a second-round pick to get the services of a franchise quarterback. That is looking more and more like a steal.

The New England Patriots shouldn't have traded away Garoppolo. Tom Brady is playing great right now, but he isn't getting any younger. Eventually, he will decline and the team will have to search for a new quarterback—instead of having a superstar in the waiting like they did when Garoppolo was on the bench. 

New England shouldn't have given him up.

Normally, keeping a highly-coveted backup quarterback with an aging quarterback would be a smart move. However, all of that gets thrown out the window with Tom Brady.

The greatest quarterback of all time may be getting older, but his gameplay isn't declining. It's looking like Brady still has five good years left in the tank and plenty of opportunities to win championships. Keeping Garoppolo would've been a waste of an asset that fetched a valuable second-round pick for the Patriots, and the former Eastern Illinois quarterback would've been languishing on the bench without showing his talent.

New England needed to move Garoppolo before he left without getting anything back. The Patriots needed to make this trade.

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