Should NCAA student-athlete transfers be immediately eligible to play?
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Should NCAA student-athlete transfers be immediately eligible to play?

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Head coach Willie Taggart is leaving Oregon to coach at Florida State, but the players he recruited are stuck in Eugene. When student-athletes transfer schools, they are required to sit a year before returning to their sport of choice. Coaches can come and go freely, so it’s unfair that student-athletes are not given the same freedom. However, loyalty and commitment are two values sports instill in students, and this rule enforces those lessons athletes need to learn. What do you think? 🏈 🏀

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The NCAA claims to have the best interests of the students in mind. Why, then, does the governing body restrict their movements like they are employees instead of treating them like students, who can transfer wherever they want?

Student-athletes should be allowed to move around freely like their colleagues who don't participate in sports. Allowing immediate eligibility gives athletes more freedom if they feel a school is not right for them, especially when they have good GPAs. It isn't right players are beholden to a bad school if things go south.

Sport is a great teacher. One of the lessons it communicates is commitment. Allowing students to shirk their responsibility to a school is a disservice to the university and the student. If an athlete cannot stay true to their commitment this early in life, they won't be able to do it when they're older.

Student-athletes need to learn their word is their bond, and allowing them to easily transfer does not teach them that. It teaches them to run away from their problems instead of facing them head-on. The NCAA should not change the transfer rules.

When choosing a school, student-athletes don't pick the school—they pick the coaches. When a player commits to a coach and the coach leaves, they are stuck at a school they may not want to be at, playing for a coach they didn't want to play for. 

It isn't fair to the athlete that the coach they wanted to play for abandoned them. Players should be allowed to leave school, and learn from a coach they love. In order to be fair to the athlete, these transfer rules need to change.

It's not like students don't have the chance to transfer and play right away. There are many exemptions a player can look into if they want to play immediately. Allowing players to free transfer will set a dangerous precedent that allows athletes to run at the first sign of discontent.

There is also plenty of opportunities for coaches to tamper with athletes when they meet on the road, and recruit them to leave their current school. There is too much that can go wrong. The NCAA should keep the rules as is.

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