Should Gregg Popovich run for president in 2020?
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Should Gregg Popovich run for president in 2020?

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San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich made waves on social media, saying wealthy people should donate money "because we’re rich as hell and we don’t need it all, and other people need it. Then, you’re an ass if you don’t give it." Popovich is known for speaking up for the poor and disenfranchised, and many believe the White House desperately needs that kind of leadership right now. Still, he's just a basketball coach and politics requires more than a few clever soundbites. Would you vote for him? 🏀 

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Donald Trump proved anyone can become President of the United States, even a person with a checkered past and no political experience. So, w not Gregg Popovich?

Popovich is a proven leader who has led his organization to unprecedented success and is obviously well read in the numerous social issues the United States is now facing. He has advocated for racial justice and is a master communicator who has coached complex basketball concepts to athletes and motivated them his entire career. He is constantly working with international playersso you know he can be successful in foreign policyand he is respected by everyone.

Popovich arguably has better credentials for president than the current president. It's time for Popovich to win the biggest contest for them all.

The reason Popovich is so successful in the NBA as a communicator is because he has been in an industry bubble. If he tried to take his schtick to politics, it would end poorly.

As good as Popovich is in the NBA, dealing with politicians with individual agendas is a completely different monster. Popovich suffers no fools in the NBA, but he will have to deal with political backstabbing, infighting and outright lies all the time on Capitol Hill. It takes patience and a light touch to be successful as president, and Popovich would have trouble adjusting to that if he ventured into the political realm.

Popovich is an all-time great coach in the NBA. Being president is something he is really equipped to deal with.

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