Is LaVar Ball the worst sports dad?
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Is LaVar Ball the worst sports dad?

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LaVar Ball is pulling his son, LiAngelo, out of the UCLA basketball team. Staples Center employees also have a rule called the "LaVar Ball Rule" restricting media access to the friends and family section of the arena. Ball has proven to be a nuisance who has distracted from the development of both of his sons' fledgling careers. Still, he is just looking out in the best interests of his boys, which is what a father should do. Is LaVar setting up his kids for failure? 🏀

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LaVar Ball is ruining his children's lives. He pulled his youngest son out of high school, embarrassed his son's professional team into enforcing a rule restricting media access and now pulled his other son off of his college team. He is stunting the development of his kids. Here is Nancy Armour with USA Today:

Until now, Ball has been a caricature with his outlandish claims and delusional view of his and his sons’ talents, the basketball equivalent of a Kardashian. With his announcement Monday that he is pulling youngest son LaMelo out of high school so he can make him “the best basketball player ever,” Ball crossed into troubling territory.
These are children he’s raising, not commodities, and the ramifications are huge when a parent forgets there’s a difference.

Ball's actions are even scaring huge companies away from investing in his children. Nike executive George Raveling said Ball was the worst thing to happen to basketball. How can his sons maximize their potential when the game's biggest players don't want to work with them. Ball is the worst.

LaVar Ball says some wild stuff, but he believes in and loves his kids. He is a positive role model for all of his sons. Maybe everyone is just jealous.

You know many kids would love to LaVar Ball as a dad? He’s ultra-supportive and really believes in his son’s ability to play basketball. Like a good college football coach, he keeps the attention on himself with crazy statements, and Lonzo can just work on improving his game. 

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