Nate Robinson is making a comeback, in the NFL
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Nate Robinson is making a comeback, in the NFL

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Nate Robinson, the 5'9 NBA point guard who thrice won the slam dunk competition, is ready for a comeback. He wants to join the National Football League. 

That's right, the NFL. Should he quit while he's ahead or will his athletic skills carry the day?

Robinson has had a great NBA career over 11 seasons. But if you read between the lines, it's coming to an end. He's turning 32 soon and barely played any games in the 2015-16 season. He recently signed with the Tel Aviv team in the Israeli Premier League. 

But Nate has something else driving him. He wants to play professional football as a cornerback. Nate, who played competitive football in high school and college, would be the second professional NBA player to switch to the NFL.

Other athletes like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders played both professional baseball and football. So it can be done. Then again, Michael Jordan isn't remembered for his stint striking out in a White Sox uniform.

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Nate wrote the following caption for this photo on Instagram. "For once can they take me serious please ? It's crazy cause people will tell you that you can't do something cause they couldn't do it... So take my approach if it doesn't apply let it fly #holdat #dreamchaser"
You can't exactly just walk onto the field and expect to succeed.
Nate Robinson's high school highlight reel.
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