Is NASCAR really a sport?
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Is NASCAR really a sport?

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NASCAR drivers put their lives on the line in an intense battle for position every week. But is what they do could truly be considered a sport? These competitors control over 850 horsepower, with precise movements and incredible coordination, using muscle memory to push their cars to the limit for hours on end. Still, it doesn’t take much athletic ability to drive around in circles. What do you think? 🏁 🏎

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People have no respect. These drivers risk their lives every time they step in a car, and some people have the nerve to say what they do is not athletic. These drivers control a 3,000-pound beast for 600 miles, bumping into other cars and still keeping it on the track. It takes precision to be a NASCAR driver, one centimeter could be the difference between victory and a deadly crash. 

NASCAR is a sport, and anyone that doesn't think so needs to step into a stock car to see if they can pull it off. Here is Christopher Leone from Bleacher Report with more:

... the ability to withstand between two to 64 G's (64 to 2048 feet per second) of force against yourself at any given time is an athletic quality and extreme physical exertion.


So all you minivan drivers, football freaks, whatever—those of you who still say that NASCAR (and, by nature, any form of auto racing) is not a sport—ought to go out and try it. Once you've driven 325 laps at Texas, you'll realize how physically exhausting the sport is. Maybe then you'll understand.

Hey, everyone! Let's all go in our cars, and make left turns for three hours. Does that like an athletic activity? It really isn't. 

What NASCAR drivers do is brave, but to call what they do a "sport" is an insult to athletes everywhere. They sit in a car and do what millions of commuters do every day. NASCAR is a sport like competitive eating is a sport—it isn't. Here's Bleacher Reports' Daymon Johnson:

if a NASCAR has an accident and breaks off a piece of the body but the driver is ok with no injuries, the car must be properly repaired before it can be competitive again. The drivers fine, but the car is damaged, the car is the deciding factor…..not the driver. There are simply too many variables when building a car that can dictate how the vehicle runs to say that the driver is the sole reason that he/she succeeds or doesn’t.
In my mind, NASCAR, at best, can be viewed as mechanical competition, with “competition” being the key word, because it’s not a sport. In my mind, NASCAR ranks right along side of Competitive Eating, Dog Shows, RC Car Racing, Billiards and Darts. I respect the fact that race car drivers put their life on the line every time they’re on the track, however, I don’t think what they do, is any different than what you and I do. 
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