NASCAR drivers walk away from several Talladega Superspeedway crashes
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NASCAR drivers walk away from several Talladega Superspeedway crashes

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Many NASCAR drivers walked away from airborne cars and crashes at Sunday's Talladega Superspeedway. Although there were luckily no injuries, many are blasting restrictor-plate racing for being too dangerous. Unlike the drivers, the cars didn't walk away without scratches: 35 out of the 40 cars racing were involved in accidents.

Is NASCAR too dangerous and in need of even stricter rules? Or is NASCAR just a furious and dangerous sport that critics just need to accept?

While some are simply saying the sport is too dangerous, others are calling for restrictor-plate racing to end. Others — like driver Austin Dillon — said the best solution is to slow down the cars a little. 

Daytona International Speedway will host the next restrictor-plate race in two months. No word yet on what changes — if any — NASCAR will implement in order to make the sport safer. 

What do you think: Is #NASCARTooUnsafe? Or is #NASCARTooFurious?

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Critics are calling out NASCAR as too dangerous.
NBC Sports writer/editor Dustin Long wrote about the dangers of plate racing and how the industry needs to step up.
Others have a need for speed.
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