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MLB Steroid Era: Choose your squad

For many baseball fans, the Steroid Era was one of the most embarrassing periods of baseball. For others, it was the most electrifying years the sport has ever seen. Whether you recoil at the thought of players taking performance-enhancing drugs or feverishly look at YouTube videos of the moonshots that happened at the time, the Steroid Era is a huge part of the game's history. Some of the best players juiced to become even greater players while others stayed clean and still dominated the field in spite of the unleveled playing field.

We want to know who your favorite hitter and pitcher of the era was. You chose a team led by Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr to take on a team with Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux in the ultimate Steroid Era seven-game series. Vote on which squad you think would win below! ⚾


In the aftermath of MLB's Steroid Era, a majority of fans still have hard feelings over the lies and deceit the players caused by taking performances enhancing drugs. In a Tylt poll taken early in 2019, 72.1 percent of voters thought steroid users should be banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, the electricity and excitement of that era are hard to deny.

In a Tylt Poll taken from March 2019 to October 2019, nearly 45 percent of voters thought baseball was more fun with steroids. You don't have to look too far back to see why.

Even though the Cardinals weren't a threat to win a World Series in 1998, all eyes were on St. Louis because of Mark McGwire and his chase to break Roger Maris' single-season. His steroid-powered shoulders carry him and the league back into relevancy after the 1994-1995 MLB players strike brought a lot of ill will towards the game. Joining him in the long-ball resurgence were batters like Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Bonds, who made a name for themselves with driving out seamed spheres like they were tennis balls.

What usually gets lost in the fold are the pitchers who had to get these behemoth human beings out. Hitters may have changed what it means to hit for power, but there were still pitchers who were still able to dominate the competition despite the steroids coursing through the veins of a lot of sluggers. Roger Clemens was alleged to have taken anabolic steroids later in his career, but he was still able to pile up ridiculous numbers, like 354 wins and over 4,600 strikeouts. Other pitchers like Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez found similar success getting swings and misses from the era's most feared batters.

Whether baseball fans like it or not, the game was boosted by the steroid era. In 1995, the year after the strike, average MLB game attendance was 25,021. In 2001, when Barry Bonds broke Mark McGwire's single-season home run record, average attendance was nearly 30,000. People love the long ball and superhuman pitching that was needed to keep them at bay.

We at The Tylt want you to pick your favorite batters and pitchers from the era via our brackets. The top four of each will be placed on separate teams, with the final two batters paired with the semifinal losing pitchers and the two top pitchers with the semifinal losing batters. Then you get to choose which squad you think would win a seven-game series! Don't forget to vote!