Who was baseball's most valuable player in 2017: Jose Altuve or Giancarlo Stanton?
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Who was baseball's most valuable player in 2017: Jose Altuve or Giancarlo Stanton?

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MLB announced Jose Altuve and Giancarlo Stanton were American League and National League MVP, respectively. But who was the MVP of the entire league? You get to choose! The diminutive Jose Altuve towered over the rest of the AL as the spark plug for the World Series Champion Houston Astros, while Stanton’s massive home runs with the Miami Marlins powered him across the finish line in a close NL race. Who was the better player? 

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Talk about icing on the cake. Just weeks after securing the Houston Astros' first World Series ever, Altuve proved he was the best player in the American League, winning the MVP award in convincing fashion. The second baseman garnered 27 of the 30 first place votes. Based on his superb production this season, it was an easy choice to call him MVP. Richard Justice of MLB.com explains:

Altuve won his third batting title in four years by hitting .346 overall and .381 on the road. He hit lower than .300 in just one month and was at his best when the Astros needed him the most.


When shortstop Carlos Correa missed 40 games with a thumb injury, Altuve stepped up with some of his best baseball, hitting .384 with a 1.102 OPS. He lit up Statcast™ this season, leading the Majors with a .372 average on fastballs and leading the AL with a .361 average on breaking balls.

Stanton put on one of the most exciting displays of power during the second half of the season, knocking out home run after home run. He may not have made the playoffs, but he injected life into the end of the season. He narrowly defeated Cincinnati Reds' first baseman Joey Votto by two points. But a win is a win, and Stanton's moonshots separated him from the pack. Here is CBS Sports' R.J. Anderson with more:

Stanton led NL hitters in Wins Above Replacement, albeit narrowly, according to Baseball Reference. His 7.6 figure trumped Votto's 7.5 and Nolan Arenado's 7.2 by the slimmest of margins. Of course, it's more likely that voters were swayed by the facts that Stanton homered 59 times (the most in baseball), finished first in runs batted in, and slotted in second behind Votto in OPS. The Marlins also won more games than the Reds did (nine), which couldn't have hurt.
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