Is LaVar Ball ruining Lonzo Ball's career?
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Is LaVar Ball ruining Lonzo Ball's career?

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball was shut down by Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley in Lonzo's first game. Beverley told Lonzo that his father, LaVar Ball, made him a target for the rest of the NBA. LaVar brings a lot of attention on himself, but his actions are now making things more difficult for Lonzo to gain a foothold in the league. Are LaVar's antics is setting his son up for failure? 🏀

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Patrick Beverley didn't hesitate to tell Lonzo Ball that his father has players gunning for him. It's hard enough to become an impact player when you're a rookie in the NBA, but LaVar is making things even more difficult for his son with the outlandish things he says or does.

If players gang up to guard Lonzo, he will crumble under the pressure.

These are grown-ass men in the NBA who don’t care who his father is. They will be merciless on the court for his father’s antics.

Lonzo has a target on his back. Opposing players are going to have a field day making life miserable for him. Lonzo's career is going to be over before it ever began.

LaVar Ball says some wild stuff, but he believes in and loves his son. He is a positive role model in his son's life. Maybe everyone is just jealous.

You know many kids would love to LaVar Ball as a dad? He’s ultra-supportive and really believes in his son’s ability to play basketball. Like a good college football coach, he keeps the attention on himself with crazy statements, and Lonzo can just work on improving his game. 

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