Kevin Durant calls Mavericks owner Mark Cuban "an idiot"
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Kevin Durant calls Mavericks owner Mark Cuban "an idiot"

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might have thought he was giving Kevin Durant a compliment when he called Durant the only superstar on the Oklahoma City Thunder. But Durant didn't take too kindly to Cuban describing his teammate Russell Westbrook as "an All-Star, but not a superstar," and repeatedly blasted Cuban as "an idiot" during the Thunder/Mavericks postgame.

Does Cuban have point? Is Durant the only superstar on his team? Or did Cuban put his foot in his mouth? 

The Thunder beat the Mavericks 118-104, and many credit the victory in part to Westbrook, who scored 36 points with nine assists and 12 rebounds. But some do agree with Cuban about Durant's star quality. 

So do people agree with Durant that #WestbrookShines? Or is #CubanSoRight about Durant being the only superstar?

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Cuban doesn't believe Westbrook is a superstar like Durant. In response, Durant stuck up for his teammate β€” calling Cuban "an idiot."
And then there are the fans who think critics are overreacting about what Cuban said.
Cuban made the bold comment that Durant was the only superstar on his team, and then the backlash started.
Fans came to Westbrook's defense as well.
But there are supporters of Cuban's comments out there.
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