Is Rio ready for the Olympic Games?
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Is Rio ready for the Olympic Games?

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The Olympic torch arrived in Brazil two days ago, but is the city of Rio de Janeiro ready for the Olympic Games? 

With less than a hundred days away — controversies rage about health and safety threats including the Zika virus and seriously polluted water. Also, it's doubted that both public transportation will be ready and structures constructed to support the Games will be safe. 

Other problems include low ticket sales, high crime rates, a disturbing record of abusive power by military police, and a massive economic and political crisis. It's no wonder visiting athletes and Brazilians alike have major qualms about how the Games will go.

However, is Rio as ready as any other city has been in the past?

Long-time Olympic historians note that many cities have struggled with the monumental task of hosting the Games (remember Sochi?). Also, massive undertakings like the Olympics always put a spotlight on the host nation's infrastructure issues, political problems and safety concerns.

What do you think: #RioNotReady or #RioReady?

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