Is LaVar Ball the worst sports dad ever?
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Is LaVar Ball the worst sports dad ever?

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LaVar Ball was an uninspiring pro athlete, but the sports dad is a constant source of controversy as the father of three gifted amateur athletes from Chino Hills—including UCLA star point guard Lonzo Ball. LaVar helped train all three kids and build their individual brands, but he's also overshadowed his sons with a string of hyperbolic nonsense. But after blaming Lonzo's Sweet 16 loss to Kentucky on too many white players, LaVar might finally be a liability to his kids. What do you think? 🤐

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LaVar Ball has a history of saying outlandish things, but the notorious sports dad may have finally crossed the line. LaVar told the Los Angeles Daily News UCLA (where his son Lonzo plays) only lost to Kentucky in the men's national basketball tournament because they have too many white players:

"Realistically you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow."

Now, if you're thinking that sounds pretty racist—most of the Internet agrees with you. But LaVar insists he's not being racist, he's just "stating a fact." 

Despite this latest outburst, many analysts and writers insist LaVar Ball is still a great sports dadSo what if he believes in his kids and thinks they're amazing? Most kids wish their dad would have as much faith in them as LaVar does in his son. Still, others believe it's time for Lonzo to have a heart-to-heart with LaVar. He's become the worst kind of sports dad, the type that overshadows his own kids.

Have you lost track of all the crazy things LaVar Ball has said about himself and his sons? Don't worry, USA Today has you covered.

LaVar Ball is the best dad in all of the NCAA, and he’s also the worst dad in all of the NCAA. He’s not going to change, so you better get used to it.

Some writers say LaVar Ball is a good dad under an intense microscope. Lonzo is going to be a professional player and NBA teams are already scouting the college freshman. So what if he's invested in his son's future? He believes in him! You would be so lucky to have such a dedicated parent.

Every effort that Lonzo made to be great, LaVar was behind it. His life was the prologue to Lonzo’s story. All of those countless hours in the gym, on the court, and watching film, were administrated by LaVar, who had to make the conscious decision to mortgage his own life and immediate happiness for his son’s successes

Maybe we should stop shaming LaVar Ball for being so proud of his son. He loves his kids, leave him alone!

LaVar Ball is a very good father. The man who brought star UCLA point guard and surefire NBA lottery selection Lonzo Ball into existence is extremely proud of that evolutionary accomplishment, and with good reason

Except LaVar Ball isn't just a loving parent, he's an overbearing parent who is also a terrible person. Undermining coaches and acting like a prima donna at the high school level is not normal. And what about all the outlandish stuff that has nothing to do with his son, Lonzo? Like when LaVar said he would've "killed" Michael Jordan in one-on-one in his "heyday."  That's just ego and crazy talk. It's kind of stuff that makes front offices in the NBA very nervous.

Yes, LaVar saying stupid and outlandish things has definitely boosted the profile of his son, Lonzo. But has anyone considered the kind of lasting, long-term damage it has also done to Lonzo's NBA stock? Teams will get cold feet if drafting Lonzo Ball means putting up with his father. That's a lot of baggage. The kid is good, but is he good enough to put up with LaVar?

LaVar's antics might just push teams to the limit.

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