Is it time for Victor Cruz to hang up the cleats?
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Is it time for Victor Cruz to hang up the cleats?

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Star wide receiver Victor Cruz was released from the New York Giants on Feb. 13. Many sports fans are wondering what'll be next for the 30-year-old free agent. There are some who believe he'll move on to another team, and Cruz reportedly in talks with teams like the Denver Broncos. But with major leg injuries and a mediocre season in 2016, some critics argue it's time for him to retire. What do you think? 🏈

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It would have cost $9.4 million against the Giants' salary cap to keep Cruz. So, after a bad season in 2016 and two major injuries—his cut came at no surprise. But after seven incredible years, fans will miss the underdog.


Like ESPN wrote, Cruz became a Giants legend in a short period of time. In fact, many believed he would retire with the team. But Cruz wants to keep playing. And he's reportedly in talks with the Denver Broncos. Team Vic doesn't want to see the wide receiver end his career either. He's an underdog, and fans love a comeback story.


But that's just it—many believed Victor Cruz would retire as a Giant. Now that he's been cut, critics say it's over for Cruz. He had a major knee injury in 2014 and a calf injury in 2015. He was out for nearly two seasons. He returned in 2016, but with poor performance. Can he really make a comeback from that?


Cruz made it clear that he'll miss the Giants, but he's not done. 

Here's his statement: 

It's been an amazing journey. I pretty much grew up in front of the eyes of this entire organization. The Giants fan base, the community, my hometown, my family. I grew up there. It's very much a family atmosphere and it's very much like leaving your family. That's what it feels like. I did some great things there. There are so many experiences, times and moments that I shared in that building with that team in that jersey. Those can't be replaced or forgotten. I'm happy I have those moments to look back on.
I'm going to miss the people there. Those are the guys that you see day in and day out. Those are the guys that you go to war with and see every day. That's the family. Those are the people that you look up to, look at, see every day and are most excited about. I definitely miss those guys. I had the chance to see them today before I left the building. I was there for an hour or two just talking to everyone. It's a good feeling. They'll always be family. People like that, when you know them that long, they don't go anywhere.

Put some respeck on Cruz's name.

And he still made somewhat of a comeback from his injuries in 2016. He could've been a key asset to the Giants' 2017 campaign. But maybe he'll go somewhere else to do that.

And while many fans believe Cruz isn't done, many wanted him to retire eventually as a Giant.

Some scouts might not want the free agent. This might be the end even if Cruz doesn't want that.

And maybe it's time to find another gig.


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