Is golf a sport?
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Is golf a sport?

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The Professional Golfers' Association of America calls itself the largest sports organization in the world, but not everyone agrees that golf is a sport. Golf technically meets the dictionary's definition of a sport—requiring physical capabilities and coordination. Opponents argue golf is just a game, and actually doesn't require as much physical activity or athleticism as real sports. What do you think?🏌️⛳

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It's been long debated—is golfing a sport or a game? Well it's all about the actual definition of what golfers do, but golf tends to blur the lines for many sports enthusiasts between a sport and a game.


The Odyssey writer Mario Santos-Davidson listed all the reasons why golfing is actually a sport—debunking that it doesn't require lots of physical exertion.

1. Difficulty
2. Physically demanding
3. Skill
4. Big Money
5. Widespread
6. Time commitment

The Sportster writer Alfie Potts Harmer wrote otherwise about golf.  Here are his 10 reasons why golf is NOT a sport!

1. Lack of Physical Exertion
2. It’s a Game
3. Much of The Activity is Walking
4. Skill Doesn’t Mean Sport
5. Golfers Are Not Athletes
6. Age of Players
7. Lack of Speed/Tempo
8. Competition/Score Keeping Does Not Equal Sport
9. Olympic Rule
10. You Can Play While Injured

Sports critics argue golf might be a skill—but it's not really a sport that requires much physical activity or exertion. Plus, many non-athletic, older men are able to play. Most sports require athletes to be in their physical prime. 

Supporters say learning how to properly golf might one of the hardest skills to learn. 

And yes—maybe it's just a sport for old rich white men. 🐸🍵

People have been debating this for years. But if Tiger Woods is considered one of the greatest athletes of all-time, then what he has been playing all these years? Sounds like a sport to us.

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