Is cheerleading a sport?
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Is cheerleading a sport?

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The return of football also means the return of high flying, pom-pom thrusting cheerleaders. Some say cheerleaders are competitive athletes, and it’s hard to argue with how coordinated and strong cheerleaders are when they are being launched in the air. But critics argue cheering only hypes up sporting events, and believe pom-poms do not qualify cheerleading as a sport. What do you think? 📣

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With its incredible flips and breathtaking aerobatics, some people consider cheerleading a competitive sport. Still, no matter how many flips they do, other sports fans scoff at the thought that shouting into a cone and leading cheers is considered a sport. What do you think?

Some sports fans like to joke cheerleaders are only on the field to be ogled at. In reality, a lot of hard work and training goes into what they do on the field. It takes strength and agility to tumble into the flip combinations they pull off during games. Bases, who are the foundation of the high-flying cheerleaders,, need to be strong in order to lift, throw and catch their counterparts, which takes a lot of skill and timing.

In 2014, the American Medical Association argued cheerleading is a sport because of the athletic risks cheerleaders endure. The association not only advocated to recognize cheerleading as a sport, but for better safety measures and training to be put in place to protect cheerleaders.

Being defined as a sport requires an activity to display athletic prowess, skills and a competitive nature. Cheerleading possess all three in spades.

There is no doubt cheerleaders are athletic. But is what they do really a sport?

While cheerleaders take part in competitions, their main purpose is to entertain and engage a crowd. What cheerleaders do is support a team that competes in a sport. However, it doesn't make what they do a sport.

No one is filling up stadiums to watch cheerleading. Sports fans come out in droves to watch actual sports. Whether it is basketball, football or another sport, the sport itself is the main attraction—not the cheerleading. The athletic things cheerleaders do are incredible, but it doesn't constitute being classified as a sport.

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