Frank Vogel is out as the Indiana Pacers head coach
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Frank Vogel is out as the Indiana Pacers head coach

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Larry Bird announced Thursday that Frank Vogel is out as the head coach of the Indiana Pacers after six seasons. He was an assistant coach with the team for four seasons before that. "[I've] decided it's time for a new voice around here," Bird said. 

As head coach Vogel brought the Pacers to the playoffs five out of six seasons and had a total record of 250-181. 

He is a loved coach and many fans are upset he is leaving and think it will hurt the team.

But Larry Bird isn't new to this basketball game. Larry has publicly said that coaches should only stick around for 3-4 years. He even fired himself as head coach after three years.

Does this decision show conviction and courage on the part of Larry Bird. Or is Bird the only one who thinks Frank Vogel wasn't cutting the mustard.

Did Larry Bird make a bad call letting Frank Vogel go? 

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If Vogel is swooped up quick, it could be a sign that others see more potential in Vogel than Bird did.
It didn't take long for Larry Bird to get called out for his decision.
Maybe the Pacers can get even better talent.
Vogel's numbers overall were good. Usually you keep a coach that is winning.
This wasn't a "firing." Vogel's contract was ending. That's an opportunity for new blood.
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