Floyd Mayweather hints at a comeback
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Floyd Mayweather hints at a comeback

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Floyd Mayweather is hinting that he might make a return to boxing. Reportedly, "TMT 50" ("The Money Team") and "TBE 50" (The Best Ever) are fight names that Mayweather filed for trademarking on April 21. He told Showtime on Saturday night that he's happy with retirement, but "you never know" — also saying he's considering a nine-figure fight.

But some are questioning if Mayweather will return to win his 50th fight? Or just for the money?

Mayweather retired 49-0. If he returns for another fight and won, it would be historic. He would no longer be tied with Rocky Marciano at 49-0.

What do you think: #MayweatherPayDay or is it really about #MayweatherLegacy?

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If Mayweather returns and he wins, it would be historic.
Some fans are thinking about the boxer's legacy and who he should face in the historic fight.
Mayweather loves the money though! Of course, it would have to be nine figures.
Some critics are calling him out on his cash grabs. Luke Kerr-Dineen, senior social news editor at USA Today, says Mayweather should stay retired!
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