Did Mayweather-McGregor fight live up to the hype?
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Did Mayweather-McGregor fight live up to the hype?

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The much-anticipated fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor came and went, culminating in Mayweather winning by technical knockout in the 10th round with a flurry of fists. This was Mayweather’s first knockout since 2011, and many think his domination of McGregor lived up to the pre-fight hype. However, others think the result wasn’t anything special, and the McGregor had no chance to win. What do you think?

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After nearly two years of hype, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor squared up in Las Vegas. But did the fight live up to the hubbub?

As much as everyone wanted to believe the fight was going to be good, boxing fans knew they needed to lower expectations. Floyd Mayweather's last "Super Fight" against Manny Pacquiao was a super letdown, and there was nothing to indicate his fight with Conor McGregor was going to be any different. Fortunately for fans, they were completely wrong.

Mayweather toyed with McGregor for eight rounds, parrying most of McGregor's aggressive advances around the ring. Once the Irishman tired, Mayweather picked McGregor apart with combinations before forcing the ref to stop the fight in the 10th round. The crowd rarely sat down, and there was a buzz that hasn't died days past the fight. 

The pre-fight hype was over the top, but Mayweather did something he hasn't done late in his career—he delivered on it.

No matter the result of the fight, the hype this fight received was so over the top nothing would've been able to live up to it. Short of McGregor and Mayweather exchanging "Rocky"-type blows in the ring, this fight was never going to be what people hoped it would be. What people got were eight rounds of nothing, and two rounds of Mayweather doing what he was supposed to do—beating McGregor.

Mayweather might be the most technical defensive boxer in the world, but that style doesn't lead itself to winning  a crowd. He ducks and dodges all fight long but doesn't have enough power to generate the awe and spectacle as other champions. This fight may have ended in a technical knock out, but it could never deliver on the hype it promised earlier in the year.

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