Cleveland Cavaliers set NBA record with 25 three-pointers
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Cleveland Cavaliers set NBA record with 25 three-pointers

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Despite doubts, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed their haters and beat the Atlanta Hawks with a record 25 three-pointers Wednesday night! 

Now more experts, fans, and critics believe the favorites for the final round of the NBA playoffs are the Golden State Warriors and the Cavs. With the Warriors' media and fan popularity, and the Cavs' winning streak, which team is the better favorite in the NBA playoffs thus far? 

The teams tied with 20 three-pointers on April 20. Then the Warriors set a new record with 21 three-pointers on April 21. Wednesday night the Cavs gave the Warriors a run for their money and took the record back, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

The Cavs have an undefeated record, and the Warriors' star Steph Curry is rehabbing from a strain. However, the Warriors beat the Cavs 105-97 at last year's playoffs and many believe the playoffs are the Warriors' for the taking. 

But who's better this playoff season? What do you think: #Cavs or #Warriors?

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Some Cavs highlights from last night’s game against the Hawks:
Others hope the Cavs can keep it up.
Even with Curry recovering from a strain, many believe the Warriors are still the favorites.
Some believe it’s shaping up to be Cavs vs. Warriors again.
The Cavs and Warriors are going head-to-head with breaking the same record.
Some fans feel as though the Cavs don’t get the same love as the Warriors.
Others say the Cavs still can’t beat the Warriors.
Some believe the Warriors can break the Cavs record of the most threes!
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