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Can LeBron James and the Cavaliers repeat as NBA champions?

#LongLiveTheKing TL;DR:

  • LeBron James is still the best player in the NBA and he plays for Cleveland
  • The Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors and can do so again
  • The coaching staff has gelled and team chemistry is finally there
  • How can you bet against LeBron?

#ReignIsOver TL;DR:

  • LeBron is turning 32-years-old and you can't fight decline
  • The Golden State Warriors are even better this year and they almost won it all last year
  • The Eastern Conference is younger and tougher than before
  • Luck doesn't last forever

The Cavaliers are still ranked as one of the best teams in the league, and re-signed LeBron—who is arguably the best player in the game. That automatically gives them a shot. Here are 5 more reasons why they will repeat:

  1. No more coaching drama
  2. Kevin Love is fully healthy and finally knows his role with the team
  3. The Cavaliers play in the weaker conference
  4. Kyrie Irving is only getting better
  5. With the Warriors' addition of Kevin Durant, all the pressure has been put on Golden State

It's hard to repeat. Very few teams do it. And let us not forget, the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and responded by signing one of the most dominant players in the game: Kevin Durant. If Golden State had LeBron on the ropes before, how can he hope to beat them now? Here are 8 reasons why the Cavaliers won't repeat:

  1. The Cavaliers have no bench
  2. The Eastern Conference is better than you think
  3. Rebuilt and reloaded Chicago could give LeBron James a lot of trouble
  4. LeBron has been statistically lucky, and that luck will eventually run out
  5. Toronto has Drake as a team ambassador and everyone knows Drake has magical powers
  6. LeBron is on the wrong side of 30 and his stats are declining
  7. After six straight years of lengthy playoff runs, LeBron is probably gassed
  8. The Golden State Warriors exist

But the fans are thinking repeat! 


Maybe homers think the Cavs can repeat, but actually basketball fans don't!

Can LeBron James and the Cavaliers repeat as NBA champions?
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