Will the Red Sox regret dumping Hanley Ramirez?

The Boston Red Sox have decided to designate Hanley Ramirez for assignment, giving the team seven days to either release or trade him. Ramirez was hitless in his last 20 at-bats and batting .168 in May. He's obviously done as a high-level player. Still, he started the season batting .330, and he has plenty of time to figure it out and be the superstar hitter he is. What do you think? ⚾
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Which NBA coach should run for office: Steve Kerr or Gregg Popovich?

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr went in on the NFL, criticizing the league for promoting fake patriotism to protect its business interests. He and San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich often use their platform to speak against racial inequality. Both have also been frequent critics of President Donald Trump, much to the delight of some NBA fans. In a battle of woke coaches—who...
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Chris Paul vs. Stephen Curry: Who had the better shimmy?

Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul hit a tough three-pointer over Golden State's Stephen Curry and celebrated with Curry's signature shimmy. While Paul isn't the originator of the shimmy, the ruthless stratagem of using Curry's celebration against him was a stroke of evil genius. Still, Curry was shimmying to championships before Paul even made it to a conference finals appearance. His shimmy is...
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Is it time for the NFL to part ways with Roger Goodell?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell oversaw the implementation of a rule forcing players on the field to stand for the national anthem. Some fans applauded the move, and Goodell has overseen the expansion of international operations and historic revenue numbers for the league. But others condemn denying players a constitutionally protected right and his strategy for disciplining players has been...
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Is Kyle Korver better than Carmelo Anthony?

Oklahoma City forward Carmelo Anthony reacted to an Instagram post saying Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyle Korver is a better player than him. While it may be a wild assertion to some, others feel that Korver's three-point shooting is invaluable. Plus, Korver helped a team to the Eastern Conference Finals, while Anthony is sitting at home. Still, the numbers show the former Syracuse player has a...
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Who will win the Stanley Cup: Golden Knights or Capitals?

The battle for Lord Stanley's cup is finally here. The Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals will face off for hockey's most treasured trophy after a postseason of clutch scores and huge hits. Some feel the Golden Knights are destined to complete their inaugural dream season by hoisting the Cup. Others feel the Capitals have toiled long enough and will prevail. What do you think? 🏒
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Should politicians stay out of sports?

President Donald Trump told "Fox and Friends" he likes the new NFL policy forcing players on the field to stand for the national anthem, and says those who don't shouldn't be playing and maybe "shouldn't be in the country." Policymakers run the country and that includes professional sports. Politicians have every right to oversee athletics when it's necessary. Still, Trump comes off as an...
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Does Doc Rivers really deserve a contract extension?

The Los Angeles Clippers announced that head coach Doc Rivers is getting a contract extension. Rivers led the Clippers to a 259-151 record since he came to the team in 2013, and took the team to the playoffs four of the last five years. He earned that extension. However, some feel that Rivers had a team of all-stars and couldn't advance to the Western Conference Finals with a monster team. The...
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Should Owen Hart be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

19 years ago, Owen fell to death during a botched stunt at a WWE event. Every year, wrestling fans wait for Hart to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, but nothing has happened. Many feel Owen's years of service warrant his induction. Others feel Owen was a solid mid-card wrestler, but nothing more. There are also rumors that he wasn't a fan of the company when they screwed over his brother,...
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Should Jason Garrett be fired?

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens says he's surprised head coach Jason Garrett is still with the team. Many feel he makes a good point. The Cowboys have only made two playoff appearances in Garrett's seven full seasons coaching the team. Still, many feel Owens is just a jilted ex-employee and Garrett still has time to prove his value to the organization. What do you think? 🏈
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